St. Nicholas icon in Australia

Icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, a confirmation from Australia
Thursday, October 23, 2014 2:39:00 PM

19 Sept, 2014
Harbin, China

In 1935 the Chinese Eastern Railway was sold, and the Russians were forced to return to Russia. With this came a great destruction of icons. Icons were burned and thrown into the rubbish – to explain this is impossible.

One pious woman named Anastasia visited her friend and saw in the trash a severed icon of St. Nicholas.  She brought the icon home and her pious husband, Kuzma, glued it together. They both then prayed.

The time came when the residents needed to evacuate to Australia. I became acquainted with the couple, then they both died. The icon of St, Nicholas was given to a bride who also died, but then the icon was given to my daughter Galina and her aunt Luba. For this I was very glad. I decided to make a worthy frame and spoke to Father Peter (now Bishop Tikhon of Australia) about this. He agreed, but it was a difficult task due to the deteriorated condition of the icon. He took the icon home.

Some time passed, and Fr. Peter telephoned to say he was coming with the icon. I supposed the attempt had failed. I was overjoyed as I opened the door, seeing the icon in a nice frame.

My joy was great, and I thought of whom I might give this icon. My thought was to give it to Metropolitan Vitaly. Here my task is fulfilled to give the icon to Metropolitan Vitaly.  I, the sinful, aged and blind handmaiden of God – a member of the St Seraphim parish in Brisbane, speak the truth and ask your holy prayers.
God preserve you for many profitable years.

Maria Ivanovna Perry
Brisbane 20 November 1997