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• May 2006

14 May 2006 @ 12:04 am
SOBOR 2006 UPDATE! Day 8  


Center Photo: Left, ANTI MP Delegate Peter Paganuzzi; Right, ANTI MP Delegate George Schidlovsky.



~ Lebedeff outlined the components of such a 'eucharistic-arrangement':
1. The Commemeration of the name of MP's Patriarch, Alexy II.
2. Ordination of ROCOR bishops sanctioned by the Moscow Patriarchy.
3. The final choosing of ROCOR'S First Hierarch by the the Moscow Patriarchy.

[Repoter's Note: According to legal authorities that this Reporter is in contact with, once the ROCOR acknowledges the MP Patriarch as its head, the MP has the legal right to possess all ROCOR properties in the U.S. and abroad. This exact thing occurred when the MP seized the OCA'S (The Metropolia) St Nicholas Cathedral in NY by a court action in the late 1940's]

~ Some ANTI MP Delegates see this latest presentation as inappropriate as it is not consonant with the RESOLUTION which has no such 'eucharistic-arrangement' within its purview. Thus we now have a new wrench thown into the mix!

A SECOND 'RESOLUTION' WAS INSTITUTED AT YESTERDAY'S SOBOR in the form of an 'EPISTLE' and sent to all the ROCOR parishes.

~ This 'Epistle-Resolution' dealt solely with religious-parish matters such as:
1. Recognition of the rights of women.
2. Establishing provisions for work amongst the youth.
3. Various parish ministries.

~ Thus any alarm concerning a 'Second RESOLUTION' is now of no concern. The alarm is with regard to the traitor Lebedeff's 'PRESENTATION of:

"THE RUSSIAN MEDIA," according to EX KGB lieutenant-colonel Konstantin Preobrazhensky, "is run by Putin:"

Sbn Nathanael Kapner: "Was not the Russian Press free after the fall of communism in 1991?"

Konstantin Preobrazhensky: "The Russian Press was indeed free in the early ninetees after the fall of communism. That is why I was published so widely in my exposes' of the KGB.

~ "But when Putin came to power in 2000, he ruined all independent media."

Sbn Nathanael: "How did Putin ruin all independent media in Russia?"

Konstantin Preobrazhensky: "Putin arrested many of the leading media professionals of various independent news establishments. The owner of the independent TV Corporation NTV, a Vladimir Gusinsky, was arrested in 2001 on some trumped up financial irregularity charge. This is a typical KGB method of which the KGB operative Putin, is a master of."

Sbn Nathanael: "The Russian Media is now stating that the RESOLUTION of the ROCOR SOBOR 2006 is calling for a unification of the MP. Is this state-controlled reporting?"

Konstantin Preobrazhensky "Indeed it is. After Putin came to power, the Russian Federation became fully controlled by the state. And the state is fully controlled by the KGB. The KGB has insinuated itself into every aspect of Russian Society - especially the media.

~ "The Russian Media today resembles the media of the Soviet period. Putin has installed many KGB operatives in key media positions, as well as recruiting many from the inside. Owners of various Russian newspapers, radios, and television stations have been changed by Putin. The News Agencies Izvestia and ITAR-TASS are controlled by Putin. Thus the state's desire for a unification with the ROCOR is being touted to the full by these news agencies."

FOR MORE 'personal' notes by K. PREOBRAZHENSKY JOIN US @




This Reporter spoke with 3 ANTI MP Delegates this evening. Delegate George Pawukowsky from Chicago said, "The union is desireable but at the appropriate time. There is no need to rush into the union until all of our differences are worked out."

~ Another ANTI MP delegate who wishes to remain anonymous said, "I do not believe the bishops will resist the tenor of the RESOLUTION. For this resolution makes it very clear that a union is not in the offing at this time."

~ The ANTI MP Delegate George Schidlovsky said, "When and how are the issues of unification with the Moscow Patriarchy. A union must be on a canonical basis. Now is not the time for such a union. A canonical basis must be provided before such a union takes place."


Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting
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13 May 2006 @ 02:43 pm
SOBOR 2006 UPDATE! Day 7  



"The Russian Press, in Bolshevik fashion, is reporting the 'party line.' The Russian Press is wrong. No union has been called for by the RESOLUTION of the SOBOR 2006.

~ "Not a single delegate, whether PRO MP or ANTI MP, was deceived by the RESOLUTION. In most umambiguous terms, the RESOLUTION states that the ROCOR *will* remain a self-governing Local Church entity. This, in and of itself, precludes any type of union with the MP.

~ "I have learned from my contacts in Russia, that Bishop Gabriel of the ROCOR made a statement to 'ITAR-TASS.' Bishop Gabriel's statement was that the MP should "repent for her collaboration with the state powers." Bishop Gabriel, in making this statement, is absolutely correct.

~ "For we all want a union. But with whom? A false church? The MP is a false church!

~ "The Moscow Patriarchy will remain a false church until it repents of its Stalinist origins--and its continuation of its Stalinist origins. This repentance by the MP must be made in a SOBOR 'ALL RUSSIAN COUNCIL' setting--just as the RESOLUTION calls for."
Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky (ROCOR)



"The ROCOR will save face if a union does not take place. For Russia is gradually deviating from recognized democratic principles, which the West falsely believed the Russian Federation, since the fall of communism, would be predicated on.

~ "In 5 years from now, a unification with the Moscow Patriarchy will appear as a huge mistake and a major embarrassment to the ROCOR. At present the appeal is in being united with a Church that exists in what is now perceived as a democratic Russian Federation.

~ "But Russia is evidently deviating from the West. This can be seen in its diplomatic efforts towards Communist North Korea and non-democratic countries such as Iran and other oil-producing nations.

~ "Putin may be posturing himself to appear as a friend to democratic principles. Especially in Putin's so-called friendship with President Bush. However, it is becoming more and more evident, that democratic freedoms are eroding in a Putin-led Russia.

~"A union by the ROCOR with such an alienated Russia from the West, will in 5 years be looked upon not only as an embarrassment but a nightmare!"

Konstantin Preobrazhensksy (ROCOR)



The imprecise and convoluted language of the RESOLUTION is largely due to the difficulties in rendering of the Russian terms which often do not have English equivalents.

~ The RESOLUTION begins paying homage to the Council of Bishops "whose decisions we shall obey", but those are formulaic words, nothing more. The Bishops, if they don't want a schism developing, will endorse the RESOLUTION of the Sobor. Division of the Church continues to exist between the church in the fatherland (Russia) and that abroad. We hope that "in the appropriate (uncertain) time" we will be able to come together "and commune from one Chalice". The allusion is to some future united church to which we all shall willingly belong.

~ Having heard all the presentations at the Sobor, we wish to reaffirm "the canonical status of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad" as an autonomous (self-governing) part of the erstwhile (now non-existant) future Local All-Russian Church, according to the documents promulgated in the early 1920's and which are still in force.

~ "In discussions, questions were raised about the participation of the Moscow Patriarchate in the World Council of Churches. 'We would like you to get out of it.'

~ We hope that you (in Russia) will call for a meeting of the Great Popular Church Sobor that will resolve all the other difficulties.

~ (Perhaps it should be explained that the last meeting of such a Sobor took place in 1917-18 and no free Sobor was called since the establishment of the Moscow Patriarchy by Stalin in 1943. This free Sobor would then take up such questions as sergianism and the improper ordination of bishops. The Moscow Patriarchy has consistently refused to call a Sobor even in the post-Soviet days)

~ In short, for the time being, we are remaining as we have been for 87 years, a fully autonomous part of the (non-existant, not having been reestablished since its destruction by the Bolsheviks) Russian Orthodox Church. Moscow Patriarchy should get out of the WCC and call a Second Great Popular Church Sobor which would take up such matters as "sergianism" and the ordination of bishops.
Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky (ROCOR)



THIS REPORTER SPOKE WITH AN ANTI-MP DELEGATE last night. This delegate informed me that indeed the RESOLUTION sends a clear-cut message to the ROCOR bishops that "the time for unification is now "inappropriate," as were his exact words. This delegate assured me in so many words that the ROCOR bishops will vote "NO!"




Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting
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12 May 2006 @ 02:01 pm
UPDATE! "Understanding The Resolution"  

[An Interview With DR MAGEROVSKY]

# Sbn Nathanael Kapner: "Dr Magerovsky. Are you in contact with any Anti-MP delegates who are now present at the SOBOR in San Francisco?"

Dr E.L. Magerovsky: "Indeed I am in contact. In fact, I get firsthand reports every day from the SOBOR in San Francisco."

# Sbn Nathanael: "Many are confused by the RESOLUTION. Some call it "ambiguous," while others believe it to be a mandate to the bishops to go forward with the union. Why the confusion?"

Dr Magerovsky: "But the delegates are not confused! There have been two or three RESOLUTIONS offered, and this final RESOLUTION is quite pointed. The RESOLUTION is not at all 'ambiguous!'

~ "Three very specific points are stated in this RESOLUITON which obviates any movement towards a present unification with the Moscow Patriarchy."

# Sbn Nathanael: "What is the 1st point? And how is the 1st point a victory for the ANTI-MP contingent?"

Dr Magerovsky: "The RESOLUTION does not make an 'ANTI-MP Stand' per say. For there is nothing that would predicate such a stand. In paragraph 3, the RESOLUTION simply puts forth a stance of 'continuation' of the ROCA--as it has existed for the past 87 years.

~ "The RESOLUTION simply confirms that the ROCA *continues*--apart from any regard to the Moscow Patriarchy! It's that simple and quite specifically 'clear-cut.'

~ "We the ROCA, according to the RESOLUTION, continue as a self-governing Local Russian Church. PERIOD. In other words, no union with the MP is in this RESOLUTION'S purview! But the RESOLUTION does not rule out an eventual union once all the stumbling blocks have been removed."

# Sbn Nathanael: "What is the 2nd point?"

Dr Magerovsky: "The 2nd point is made in paragraph 4 of the RESOLUTION. Here the RESOLUTION calls upon the Moscow Patriarchy to withdraw its participation in the World Council of Churches."

# Sbn Nathanael: "In this 2nd point of the RESOLUTION regarding the WCC - is this a 'condition' that must be met by the Moscow Patriarchy, before a union can take place?"

Dr Magerovsky: "There is no need to put forth 'conditions.' There are no presuppositions that supposed 'conditions' would be predicated on. The RESOLUTION, in the 1st point, laid down the foundation for all ensuing statements. That is - the ROCA continues as it has already existed. That, in and of itself, precludes all and any 'negotiating' statements."

# Sbn Nathanael: "What is the 3rd point of the RESOLUTION?"

Dr Magerovsky: "The 3rd point is stated in paragraph 5 of the RESOLUTION. This is a call for an 'All Russian Council,' of which, the participants would be duly elected representatives.

~ "The first 'All Russian Council' was held in 1917-1918 under very inauspicious circumstances--namely the Revolution and the Civil War. But still, it was a 'representative' Land Council that was fully canonical.

~ "The RESOLUTION is calling for a second SOBOR. For only a new 'representative,' fully canonical SOBOR, can resolve the issues at stake. These issues include sergianism; the unlawful Stalinesque consecration of the MP bishops--which includes the present Patriarch, Alexy II; the unlawful status of the MP entity; ecumenism; and many other issues as well."

# Sbn Nathanael: "In conclusion, Dr Magerovsky--you are calling this RESOLUTION a victory for those against the union. Why is this RESOLUTION a victory?"

Dr Magerovsky: "Because the RESOLUTION casts aside all ideas of a 'unia!'

~ "In other words, the RESOLUTION is not against the union per say - that is, an eventual merger of a one, true Russian Orthodox Church.

~ "The RESOLTUION definitively states the present state of affairs of the ROCA. Namely this: ROCA maintains their independence at this point. Truly this is a victory!"

Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting
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11 May 2006 @ 06:53 pm
+CHURCH NEWS+ Issue May 12 2006  

May 6 2006: “WHY ARE ROCOR’S BISHOPS’ LAURUS & KIRILL DRIVING AROUND IN FANCY CARS?” many concerned pious Orthodox Christians are now asking themselves.

# Sbn Nathanael: “I witnessed Laurus and Kirill in their fancy cars at the SOBOR 2006. I went right up to both of them and confronted them thus: “Who bought these cars for you? Alexy II? LUKOIL? Both – You Miserable Traitors!”

- May 12 2006: ROCiE’S TRUE-CONFESSING ARCHBISHOP ANTHONY (ORLOV), RECENTLY APPOINTED as ‘Deputy over the Affairs of Metropolitan Vitaly,’ may be planning a permanent move to Mansonville Canada – Headquarters for The ROCiE.

# Sbn Nathanael: “I have this on good authority. Let’s keep our eyes and ears glued to ROCiE news. Already – Archbishop Anthony is very much involved in stopping a planned takeover by ROCOR of the ROCiE Bishop’s residence in Montreal Canada. Plenty of ROCiE bishops for estranged ROCOR clergy and parishioners to choose from!"

- May 11 2006: “MOSCOW IS MAKING ITS LAST ATTEMPT TO UNITE the Moscow Patriarchy with the ROCOR vis a vis the SOBOR 2006,” remarks Ex-KGB lieutenant-colonel Konstantin Preobrazhensky.

~ “The carefully planned preparations, agendas, and procedures of the Rocor- SOBOR of 2006 have all the marks of the former Congresses of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union,” Preobrazhensky informed this reporter. “It shows in fact, that the SOBOR is ruled from Moscow,” the Ex KGB lieutenant-colonel Preobrazhensky observed.

# Sbn Nathanael: “Laurus has been paid-off - of this I am convinced. The death of ROCOR is nigh at hand.”


- May 12 2006: DR. E.L MAGEROVSKY REPORTS: "At the Sobor, there has been some slowing down of the tempo to amalgamate with or join the MP. According to the agenda, the Resolution of the Sobor to join the MP had been scheduled to be passed at 12:30 p.m., Wednesday, but was postponed to this afternoon. Evidently, the powers that be were not sure of the vote. And it would be embarassing, indeed, should the Sobor pass a "wrong" Resolution! It seems that apparently we have a slight edge in delegates right now and they have to do some "homework" to reduce it somehow.

~ "Anyway, apparently the Synod or the Assembly of Bishops who has the last word, will meet after the close of the Sobor to make the final decision. If we are going to get a schism, that is where it's going to appear."

# Sbn Nathanael: "The Australians are feisty and restive! The ANTI-MP Delegates at the SOBOR are Protopriest Nikita Chemodakov and Protodeacon Basil Yakimov.

"Australian Protopriest John Stukacz informed me yesterday that he plans on organizing an ANTI-MP contingent if the vote goes through - in order to depart from the ROCOR. I spoke with the Australian priest, Fr Peter Semovskih as well, who informed me that he will leave the ROCOR if the vote goes through! Well well well you wretched PRO MP will have the blood of a real-live 2nd schism on your wretched souls!"


May 6 2006: HIGH FINANCE IN THE WORKS AT SOBOR 2006! ROCOR Synod Financial Director, Fr Holodny, who was present at the SOBOR 2006 - seems to appear wherever Laurus makes a Public Appearance. Holodny who is a worldly international finacial king-pin, accompanied Laurus on both of his trips to the Russian Federation in 2003 and 2004. "Are MP Swiss Bank Accounts Holodny's concern?" many pious Orthodox Christians are asking themselves.

# Sbn Nathanael: "Sure enough, just like 'you know what,' everywhere Laurus goes, you step in Holodny. Holodny, would do better in suit & tie, than priestly vestments. With Holodny's corporate sheen, he and Attorney Fr Pimen Simon, make a good PRO MP team!"

May 6 2006: THE DOG OF ALEXY II MAY SOON HAVE IN HIS PAWS THE RELICS OF ST JOHN MAXIMOVITCH! The relics of St John Maximovith +1966, reside at the Holy Virgin Cathedral where the "ROBBER COUNCIL" is now taking place. If the vote goes through - the ROCOR properties will inevitably be in the hands of the Russian Federation's Moscow Patriarchy.

#Sbn Nathanael: "I kept yelling out when the church doors were open during my protest last weekend at the SOBOR, "The Relics Of St John Of San Francisco Will Soon Be In The Paws Of Alexy II's Dog!"

~ A man came out and spit on me for this warning. The parishioners there are like beasts being led to the slaughter of the ROCOR-MP union. Most of the parishioners didn't even know that a vote was about to take place!"



- May 12 2006: DR E.L. MAGEROVSKY REPORTS: "I have placed the Russian and English text of the SOBOR'S RESOLUTION on the revniteli and on my site @ & It is authentic. In short, we've won!

~ "Three significant items: (1) we remain under our old rules and the Ukaz #362 until some future time when we will be able to unite, (2) Moscow should end its participation in the World Council of Churches ( the "ecumenist" problem), and (3) Moscow should call an All-Russian-Land Church Council, first after 1917, to resolve all the other outstanding problems (including "sergianism"). That is the meaning of the Resolution."

# Sbn Nathanael: "Sure Dr. Mag. But should we count our chickens before they hatch? I mean-let's wait for the vote shan't we?"
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10 May 2006 @ 11:27 pm

MY CONTACTS AT THE SOBOR INFORMED ME that today an outspoken ANTI MP Delegate, Mr. Peter Koltypin spoke out against the union in a Discussion-Setting.

~ Peter Koltypin who is a vigorous organizer, and a leader of Metropolitan Anthony Society @ informed the SOBOR of an "EPISTLE" that was sent out to all ROCOR clergy and parishioners that garnered over 1000+ signatures against the union, many from clergy.[FOR THE EPISTLE AND THE SIGNATURES SEE: ]

~ Peter Koltypin also apprized the SOBOR of a Survey sent to 300 ROCOR priests, of which 113 answered. 108 priests stated that they were against the union.



- Sbn Nathanael: "What is your impression of the SOBOR thus far?"

Protopriest John Stukacz: "It seems to me that the leaders of the SOBOR have set the agenda so that those who are against the union will not be heard."

- Sbn Nathanael: "What will you do if the union goes through?"

Protopriest John Stukcz: "All of us who are against the union will have to organize. We have to make a unified effort to respond in an organized fashion against a voted-union."

- Sbn Nathanael: "Have you been in touch with any ANTI MP bishops?"

Protopriest John Stukacz: "Yes. I have been in contact with the Lazarite Archbishop Tikhon of Omsk in Russia."

- Sbn Nathanael: "Will you leave the ROCOR if the union is voted on?"

Protopriest John Stukacz: "As I said - those of us who are against the union will have to organize...Yes. I will leave!"
Sbn Nathanael Kapner
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10 May 2006 @ 09:28 am


Sbn Nathanael: "What's the latest Dr Magerovsky? Have you heard from anyone? I crashed last night and missed the chance to call my contacts."

Dr E.L. Magerovsky: "Last night around midnight, I spoke with some Anti MP delegates."

Sbn Nathanael: "What did the Anti-MP Delegates say?"

Dr Magerovsky "First of all, the organizers of the SOBOR are trying to push us off - we who are against the union. "They are fighting our Epistle with its 1000+ signatures, not allowing it to be produced or read," the Anti MP delegates told me. [FOR THE EPISTLE AND THE SIGNATURES SEE: ]

Sbn Nathanael: "And how are the Anti MP delegates responding?"

Dr Magerovsky: "One of them is an 'organizer.' He is organizing the ANTI MP delegates and clergy to vehemently voice their concerns. Without this 'organizer' - we'd be lost."

Sbn Nathanael: "Who spoke yesterday?"

Dr Magerovsky: "Mark of Berlin spoke for over an hour and a half yesterday," they informed me. Mark gave a long and drawn out lecture about the need for the union.

~ "After Mark's endless diatribe, an Anti MP delegate stood up to give our point of view, but the acting presider would not allow him! It is nothing less than old Soviet tricks. And here in America! This SOBOR is something out of a Franz Kafka novel."

Sbn Nathanael: "Are you pessimistic now?"

Dr Magerovsky: "We have one last chance - and that's with the 'Final Resolution of the SOBOR.' The Anti MP delegates informed me last nite that there are some 67 delegates against the union. Eleven delegates did not show up - so our voice is at least now 50% against.

~ "In normal countries, an 'Official Resolution' is discussed and voted on. It remains to be seen if this SOBOR 2006 will be conducted 'Soviet style' or 'American style.' Thus far unfortunately - the Soviets are winning."


Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting
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09 May 2006 @ 06:42 pm


Here Is A List Of The Clergy And Delegates Against The Union That I Know Of:

GET TOGETHER GUYS AND MAKE A GAME PLAN!: 1. Bishop Agafangel, Ukraine 2. Ambassador John E. Herbst, Ukraine 3. Fr Pliats, Ukraine 4. Peter Koltypin, New York 5. George Schadlovsky, New York 6. George Skok, Toronto 7. A Toronto Contingent 8,9. George Fedoroff and friend, New Jersey 10. Fr Alexei Ohotin, New Jersey 11. Fr Nikita, Australia 12. Protodeacon Basil Yakimov, Australia.

Bishop Daniel, Anti MP and Bishop Alyppi, wishy-washy, will not be in attendance. The spittable luke warm nothing, Fr Pimen Simon is present instead! Can you imagine this? Here the highly vocal Bishop Daniel is being represented by this worm Fr Pimen Simon! Just disgusting.

Yesterday this worm Fr Pimen Simon, an "Old Ritualist" (big deal) - got up and spoke saying no matter how the bishops vote, he will remain faithul to them! What a miserble lackey this worm Fr Peemee Seemee is! Go ahead sue me you miserable worm Peemme! I fear no man. You got a good taste of that didn't you about me this week, after 16 calls to the Police on me? - and I didn't budge. Would that I were a bishop. I'd tell you all to go to to hell!



"A Serbian Metropolitan spoke yesterday forever to kill time," an anti MP delegate told me who wishes to remain anonymous.

~ "Then," he continued, " a delegate got up and asked him, 'Why are you so heavily entrenched in the World Council Of Churches?' "But the Metropolitan simply beat around the bush. You see everybody? See what the dog Laurus is all about? On the first day of speeches he gets a WCC speaker to diatribe for 3 hours to kill time.

~ I had learned that the delegate who asked the question was disgusted and angry and will be very vocal this week. Let's wait and see!

MORE LATER - STAY TUNED! (Dr Magerovsky got an update last night at 2AM which I will post here soon)
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09 May 2006 @ 12:35 am
MAY 8 2006 UPDATE Continued  

I JUST GOT BACK FROM THE CATHEDRAL HILL HOTEL where everyone is staying including Laurus and Mark. Tonite I purposely stood by the front door as Laurus was getting out of the car. I stood firmly holding my Cross assertively. Laurus glared at me as if he would have liked to strangle me.

I spoke with 2 Canadian delegates and a Fr Nikita from Australia - all against the union. The following is a breif interview that I had with a Toronto Delegate named George Skok, who is for now, against uniting, but not against uniting in principle:

George Skok: "I wasn't going to talk with you Nathanael after I heard you yell out that the ROCOR communion is "#### on a shingle."

Sbn Nathanael: "No George - what I yelled out was: "Commemorate Alexy II and your eucharist becomes "s##t on a shingle!" But when Fr Alexy Ohotin, who is against the union, asked me not to say it anymore, I immediately ceased, except for my last parting shot on Sunday afternoon."

George Skok: "You are making out on your Live Journal that everything is regimented and that we who are not in favor of the union for now are being silenced. This is not true Nathanael. We have been speaking out against uniting and we will continue to do so. There are quite a few of us you know who are against uniting for now. We believe in reconciliation but we should wait and not rush into it."

George Skok: "You know Nathanael - you really have to research some of your articles a little more carefully for you do not have the full picture on some of your reportings. For instance, the choir director of the Cathedral told me that the Mercedes Benz that Abp Kirill was driving this weekend was lent to him by one of the members of his choir. You really have to be more responsible in your reporting."


The following is a short interview with a Fr Nikita from Sydney Australia:

Fr Nikita:"I want you to know Nathanael that you are not the only one who feels as strongly as you do against the union. I am here with Protodeacon Basil Yakimov, and we will certainly voice our opposition to the union to Metropolitan Laurus."

Sbn Nathanael: "What are the issues that concern you?"

Fr Nikita:"We do not wish to unite with the Moscow Patriarchy so long as they are involved in the World Council of Churches. And it seems as if more and more the MP is fully entrenched in the ecumenical movement. We do not any parts of it. We do not want unite the the MP so long as they are active participators in the WCC!"

Sbn Nathaael Kapner Reporting
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08 May 2006 @ 06:14 pm

Dear Friends - Here is an excerpt from a friend (Timothy Clader, ROCOR delegate, Protection Church in Rochester NY) of my friend Dr E.L. Magerovsky:

Sunday - May 7 -Opening Ceremony

The Sobor officially started today with the Opening ceremony, which began at 4:00 p.m. The Cathedral in San Francisco had been partitioned, with most of the ground floor reserved for the delegates of the Council. Chairs had been set up, and a head table was set up in front of the ambo for the hierarchy. Up on the ambo, in front of the royal doors, was the icon stand for the Kursk-Root icon. After the delegates were seated, the icon was brought in, with all standing and singing the troparion of the icon in Church Slavonic.

The hierarchy then entered, with an all-male choir singing “The Angel Cried” and “Shine, Shine, O New Jerusalem” to the Valaam melody in a quiet and reverential manner.

The entire gathering then sang “Christ is Risen!” thrice, followed by the Nicene Creed, and finally followed by the first stichera from “Lord, I Have Cried” to the service for Palm Sunday in Tone 6. The delegates were then seated, and Metropolitan Laurus officially declared the official opening of the 4th All-Diaspora Council.

Opening Hierarchal Statement (Bishop Kyrill)

An opening statement was then read by Bishop Kyrill of San Francisco, who cited evidence that there were, in fact, profound changes going on in Russia. He also noted that the writings of Patriarch Alexis II firmly demonstrated the Patriarch’s support of these changes, and that those who failed to believe the veracity of this had simply not taken the time to examine the evidence. He called these detractors “lazy”.

Opening Statement of the First Hierarch

Metropolitan Laurus then spoke, and urged all to maintain a spirit of love, so that we not have to answer for anything else at the last judgment. He then reviewed the prior three All-Diaspora councils. The First All-Diaspora Council was in 1921, under Metropolitan Anthony, and was chiefly concerned about establishing the canonical basis for ROCOR to exist as a proper and canonical body. The Second All-Diaspora Council was in 1938, under the leadership of First Hierarch Met Anastassy. This Council set about defining the role of ROCOR. Metropolitan Laurus pointed out that 2006 marks the 100th anniversary of the elevation of Metrolitan to the episcopacy, and he also pointed out that Metropolitan Anastassy had been elected to the Holy Synod in the all-Russia council of 1917-18. The Third All-Diaspora Council was held in 1974 in Jordanville under Metropolitan Philaret.

Metropolitan Laurus also noted that 2006 marks the 50th anniversary of the elevation of Archbishop Anthony to the episcopate (in 1956). After his elevation, he was originally sent to Australia, but was transferred later to San Francisco. He was the successor to Archbishop John of Shanghai and San Francisco.

The assembled delegates then stood and sang Memory Eternal for Metropolitan Anastassy and Archbishop Anthony.

Met Laurus then pointed out the reawakening of the faith that is currently happening in Russia. He also noted the impact that ROCOR had on Russia with the glorification of the new martyrs.

He called all to spiritual renewal, and stressed that the path to avoid schism, and to use love to accomplish that.

He then noted that there were a number of positive changes occurring in the MP as well, especially since October of 2000.

He stated that it is necessary to regularize the relationship of ROCOR with the MP. He stressed that we are not discussing union; rather, that we are discussing mutual recognition.

As an example of the positive things that are happening in the world today, Metropolitam Laurus pointed out that there was a beginning of reconciliation going on at present in the Greek Church. The Calendar issue has been the paramount issue for the Greeks for many years, and the state church has recently adopted a “softer” position on the calendar, especially in dealing with the monastic communities on Mt. Athos. The Metropolitan stated that this same spirit of reconciliation and love should be our goal in the discussions with the Moscow Patriarchate.

Instructions to the Delegates (Archbishop Hilarion)

*The instructions for the delegates and the working of the Council were then read to the assembled by Archbishop Hilarion.* [Very tantalizingly, neither the “Nakaz” (or the Instructions to the delegates) or the working of the Council were elucidated in the present report. Ed.]

Statement of Archbishop Amfilohije

Archbishop Amfilohije of Montenegro then read the official statement of the Serbian Patriarchate (as the officialo representative to our council from Patriarch Pavel).

He reviewed the history of the relationship between the Serbian church and ROCOR.

He pointed out that the Serbian church has (uniquely) maintained a viable relationship with both the MP and ROCOR. He lent his full and unqualified support for joining of our churches.

Statements from Other Jurisdictions (Archbishop Hilarion)

Archbishop Hilarion then read a series of statements from various other jurisdictions regarding the topic of this All-Diaspora Council.

Archbishop Hilarion began by reading a greeting from Patriarch Alexis II to our Council. His message spoke warmly of the possibility of union between our churches, and stressed that this must be approached with love on both sides, and not accusations and divisiveness. The Patriarch’s statement then closed with: “May the God of love and peace be with us.”

The Patriarch of the Church of Georgia then sent his greetings, and lent his support for the proposed union of our churches.

Patriarch of Bulgaria Maximos greeted the assembled Council. He stressed that there is no good reason for the Russian Church not to be unified at this time.

Archbishop Gabriel of Komana (exarchate in Western Europe) expressed his desire for there to be Eucharistic union between the MP and ROCOR. His church accomplished the same thing by uniting with Constantinople.

The Monastery of St Panteleimon on Mt. Athos also expressed his support for union.

The monastic community of Optina sent an emotional appeal to the Sobor, recounting a visit that five of them made to San Francisco a few years ago. The abbot said that he felt as though he could be in Russia, not the USA.

Opening Statements from Hierarchs Opposed to Union

There were no statements read questioning the need for union.

The only official monastic statement on the question to originate from ROCOR sources (in balance to the Optina statement) was from the monastic community in Lesna, France. This statement was not read. [There was also the Epistle of the Revniteli Society of the Blessed Metropolitan Anthony, signed by some 1200 parishioners, that was against the union, but it was also not mentioned. Ed.]

There were no other statements read by anyone else on the opening day questioning the need for union with the Moscow Patriarchate. It is certainly anticipated that this will be corrected in the upcoming agenda in the days to follow.

Conclusion of the First Day

The meeting was closed, and the official Sobor photo was taken.

(More later tonite on this article as I am going up to the Hotel to interview various delegates and clergy)
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08 May 2006 @ 12:10 am
SOBOR 2006 - May 7 UPDATE  


I ARRIVED AT THE CATHEDRAL THIS SUNDAY AT 7:30 AM. THE LITURGY WAS SCHEDULED FOR 8:30 AM. I had my sign which read, BEWARE! KGB AGENTS! The warden walked out and started talking to me.

He said that in some points he agreed with me and began telling me that he was very close to St John Maximovitch and knew that I was sincere when I kept yelling out: THIS WEEK! The Relics Of St John Of San Francisco Will Be In The Paws Of Alexy II's Dog! But I am not sure the Warden has the guts to confront Laurus and the rest of the fatso bishops.

Then he began telling me about some of the experiences he had with St John Maximovitch and he started to cry. And then I started to cry. But that was the high point of the day. It was all down hill from then on.

The Police were called and a cop swaggered up who was half Mongolian and half Russian. I had learned that he was a parishioner of the Church and his mission in life that morning was to intimidate me to stand in the far corner of the sidewalk. I refused telling him that I am within my legal rights to stand anywhere on the Public Sidewalk. Then the cop said, "You wanna play by the books do you? I'm going to throw the books right back at you!" I replied, "I don't care what you do. I.m not moving. I am within my legal rights!"

Then an Anti MP delegate walked up to me and said "Here comes the big boy Laurus." So I walked right up to Laurus riding in his Lincoln Continental, and when he got out I looked the fatso right in his face and said, "Traitor! Laurus is a liar! Alexy II will own your church everybody next week. Don't believe a word he says."

Then a Soviet thug started pushing me away from fatso Laurus - and another one came up to me and spit on me. I knew it was going to be a long day.

Next Mark Of Berlin pulls up with some MP priests. I nailed this bastard as well right to his face: "HEY MARK OF BERLIN! YOU GAVE THE HOLY LAND PROPERTIES TO ALEXY II. NOW YOU'RE GIVING HIM THE CATHEDRAL! And so forth etc...Again the Soviet thug started pushing me away. Then I started yelling out to all the parishioners: "Laurus and Mark are Liars. Soon the deed to the Cathedral will be in the hands of Alexy II!

Sadly, none of these Russian parishioners had a clue as to what was going on this week. They had no idea that a vote was about to take place. And when I told them, they simply did not care! That's when I realized that it was all over. What finalized it for me was when a priest who asked to remain anonymous walked up to me and said, "I am very much against the union. But what can I do? I am older and the church belongs to the Synod. Laurus told me that he will commemorate Alexy II and that I can commemorate him - Laurus. But what can I do? I have no choice."

Then a Police car pulls up and it was the Mongolian-Russian cop who was a parishioner. He swaggers up to me again and said, "We are going to arrest you. The parishioners here want to sign a joint-citizens arrest on you for disturbing the peace. Simply leave the area and there will be no arrest."

I answered Mr tough guy back, "Here is my Lawyer's card. I know what my rights are so I will not leave. But go ahead - arrest me! I actually want to be arrested for I will notify the media and it will help my cause!" "WHAT HE ANSWERED? You want to be arrested? I have never heard of such a thing!"

Then a bunch of parishioners and deacons formed aroung his car signing a paper. I told the Mother Of God that I was invited to dinner by Moishe Rosen of Jews for Jesus and did not want to go to jail! Then two more police cars pull up and now there's 5 cops talking with priests and parishioners for about 15 minutes. Then all of the parishioners walk away looking all crestfallen and all of the police cars drove off! The Theotokos came through for me again.

I kept up my protest until 3 pm. When everybody started eating in a make shift tent below the stairs, I started yelling out, "Bread - Property - Protection!" We thank thee and glorify thee O Alexy II. For you have filled our bellies and we have no need of Jesus Christ. Glory to thee O Alexy II!"

All of the bishops are fatsos except for Mark of Berlin. Almost all of the priests are fat - and some are downright obese like Protopriest Pavlenko. The parishioners are like cattle who do not think much about anything except for what they"re going to watch on TV that night. A deep depression came over me for about 5 minutes and I realized that MP $$$'s are the key factor that was keeping ROCOR afloat. Yes indeed,
"bread, property, protection," was all that these people care about - not a struggle for Christ. I started walking away in disgust and said to a crowd formed around Bishop Peter Lukianov and Mark Of Berlin:

You refuse to listen to the truth. Therefore God has sent to you a delusion that you should believe the lie that the Moscow Patriarchy is good for you. Therefore your eucharist will become, "shit on a shingle!" I took my sign and shoved it into a trash can and shook the dust off from my feet as a witness against the wretched ones --- realizing that the bishops must be all bored to tears and are welcomimg some kind of change in their dull routines. Thus they will get Alexy II for they deserve him.

Sbn Nathanael Kapner
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06 May 2006 @ 10:53 pm

-WELL HERE I AM IN SAN FRANCISCO "THAT CITY BY THE BAY!" I arrived yesterday morning by plane and the person who promised to pick me up wrote to me at the last minute at 12 AM Friday morning telling me that she was ordered by God to tell me that I should write that Abp Kirill was a "righteous bishop" or else she would leave me stranded at the SF Airport!

I wrote the mentally disturbed person back that I would never call ROCOR Abp Kirill of San Francisco "righteous! Thus I arrived Friday morning in SF without a clue where I was going or where in the world I was going to stay.

So I took an small Icon of the precious Mother Of God and asked her to take care of my "non travel plans - and she indeed did! No the precious holy Mother of God did not let me down.

Everybody at the SF airport simply could not do enough to help me find my way to the closest point to the Cathedral by a shuttle bus called "BART."

Then as soon as I got off the shuttle there was a Visitors Center who directed me to the International Hostel 6 blocks away. I got a shared room with 3 others for only 28$ a night.

I got a bus to the Cathedral on Friday and got there around 1:30 PM. I made the sign of the Cross with my large Cross over all the areas that I was going to do my protest on. The Holy Virgin Cathedral is large looming imposting building that has an almost artificial look about it. It also has a forbidding appearance with iron barred gates on either side leading to the lower area.

There is a public sidewalk right in front of the church and a median strip between a divided residential highway right in front of the church where I decided to stand with my Placard which reads: "BEWARE! KGB AGENTS!

People driving by looked absolutely stunned or were smiling and waving at me. Many stopped and rolled their windows down - most of them Russians who were familiar with the Church and Orthodoxy, and agreed with me that Alexy II was indeed a KGB agent.

A ROCOR priest came out - a Fr Sergie and another a Fr Yaroslavl who was rather friendly. Protopriest Pavlenko came out and glared at me. I waved back. Then the Police showed up. His name was Officer Mung and he agreed with me about the KGB coming in cassocks and told me that Jesus would take care of it and then drove off.

Then some Russian thugs kept on driving by holding out a huge baseball bat yelling out, "We're going to beat the s##t out of you - you Jew bastard! Then another Russian thug drove up, rolled his window down and threw a large cup of orange soda-pop all over my face.

Soon Abp Kirill drove up to the Church in none other than a sleek and shiny Mercedes Benz! Just disguting! Who bought the Mercedes Benz for Kirill? Mark of Berlin who apparantly bribed the "trendy" bishop in that infamous "walk in the Central Park?" Well I let the "righteous" PRO MP wretched bishop have it! I yelled out, "Hey Kirill, Whatcha doin' in a Mercedes Benz! Would Christ drive a Mercedes Benz? Would St Paul and his true successors drive in a pricey Mercedes Benz? That's disgusing! Shame on you - you patsy of Mark of Berlin! (Kirill is grossly overweight)

Not long after Laurus pulls up in none other than a Chaeffor-driven Lincoln Continental "Town Car!" I laid into this wretch as well, "HEY THERE'S MADAME LAURUS IN A TOWN CAR! Hey you enemy of the ROCOR! Hey Laurus, you fornicate with Alexy II and have delivered unto the Beast the keys of the doors to the Cathedral. JUDAS!" (Madame Laurus did not look like a happy camper)


I decided to stand in front of the Church this morning and not long after the wicked demon dog "666" Mark of Berlin appears walking up to the Church door. I looked this demon dog right in the eyes and yelled out to him, "666 Mark Of Berlin" the enemy of the ROCOR! Hey demon dog - you were never baptized and have now sold the Cathedral to your boss, Alexy II! Mark looked like he was going to throw up the dog!

Then the Police were called. Three of the came and tried to intimidate me. I pulled out my lawyer's card and they were a bit more reasonable. They gave me a consigned area to stand at in front of the church and that was fine with me for the time being. But later on, I moved back directly in front of the church and the police were called again. A new set of police showed up that affirmed my 1st amendment rights. I saw Laurus and Mark again in their Town Car and laid into them again.

My protest was a great success both yesterday and today! I'll give my next report tomorrow.

Sbn Nathanael Reporting
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03 May 2006 @ 08:04 pm
+CHURCH NEWS+ Issue May 5 2006  


Top Left: Abp Tikhon of Omsk & Siberia; Bp Dionysi of Novgorod; Abp Benjamin of the Black Sea and Kuban; Top Right: St John of Kronstadt Cathedral (TOC/Kiev);
Bottom Left: TOC of Russia Priests.

+CHURCH NEWS+ Issue May 5 2006
Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting

- May 5-14 2006: COME TO SAN FRANCISCO TO WITNESS THE DEATH OF THE ROCOR! Metropolitan Laurus, who allegedly has been paid off by the Moscow Patriarchy, will be leading his fellow PRO MP bishops into the lap of the ecumenisticic and sergianist Moscow Patriarchy--when casting their votes at the SOBOR in San Francisco.

~ Over 130 delegates will be in attendance at the Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco, including U.S. Ambassodor Herbst of the Ukraine. A failed attempt occured to keep the ANTI-MP Ambassador Herbst from attending.

# Sbn Nathanael - "Well well well. All eyes are on the wretched PRO MP ROCOR bishops. Anybody want to sing a funeral dirge?

~ "It has been alleged that the Moscow Patriarchy, utiliziing largesse from their sponser, LUKOIL-- Russia's billion dollar Oil Company--began funding the ROCOR Jordanville Seminary in New York, and built for visiting seminarians, a dacha outside of Russia in the mid-ninetees. Is it any wonder then that Laurus remarked at the Lakewood NJ conference this past autumn, "We've gone too far to turn back now?!"

- March 5 2006: "WE NEED YOUR BISHOPS!" is the cry of many unhappy ROCOR priests as they appeal to the "Lazarite" bishops of the TOC in Russia.

# Sbn Nathanael - "This reporter has learned that 3 ROCOR priests have contacted "Lazarite" bishops--one of them who is on the West Coast has already petitioned Abp Tikhon to be received. The other two are awaiting the outcome of the ROCOR vote on the MP-ROCOR false union.

~ "The "TOC OF RUSSIA" has sent out an appeal to many ROCOR priests, imploring them to resist the false union between the ROCOR and the MP @ @

~ "Fr Anatoly Trepaschko of the TOC Holy Assumption Church in Stafford VA sent out on April 27 2006 his own appeal to over 300 ROCOR priests, parishes, and monasteries. The appeal may be read @ &


March 5 2006: "THE LATEST IN A FLURRY OF STUDIES on young American Jews suggests that Orthodox Judaism will become a larger and more influential force in the United States and worldwide in coming decades," writes the Jerusalem Post this week.

~ The study, which looked at the 1.5 million US Jews between the ages of 18-39, found that Orthodox Jews comprise some 11 percent of all US Jews, and 16 percent of 18-29 year-olds. Among even younger Jews, the percentage of Orthodox is even higher, those behind the report speculate.

# Sbn Nathanael - "I grew up as a Jew and know that Jews are politically active. All religions have their agendas. It's time for Orthodox Christians to get off of their rear ends and start lobbying for Christian values and the Christian world-view which is under attack from many forces. Of course, Laurus and his wretched band of bishops are entering the political arena of the Anti Christ!"


- March 5 2006: ROCOR DR. E.L. MAGEROVSKY OF THE ROCOR REPORTS, "The membership of the Sobor scheduled to open on Saturday, May 6, has been so vetted and selected that no reasonable prediction can be made of its outcome.

~ "Some indications have been that they might still seek some sort of accomodation with those against the union, but it is also very possible that they might attempt to steam-roll it through.

~ "The agenda published today is filled with the pro-union official presenters and indicates no speakers against the union. Also, minimal time in minutes is devoted to the one-sided "discussions" of this serious subject. It really ought to be a very interesting gathering."

# Sbn Nathanael - "It's a stacked deck all the way. Comittee leaders, Perekrestov and Pavlenko sold their wretched souls to Alexy II some years ago. Laurus is a traitor. Mark of Berlin is hateful. The names of Laurus and "Mark Of Berlin" will go down in history as names of execration and accursedness!"


- March 15 2006: "ABRAHAM FOXMAN OF THE ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE (ADL) & SENATOR TED KENNEDY WISH TO DISMANTLE CHRISTIAN MORALITY & THE CHRISTIAN WORLD-VIEW," the Reverend Ted Pike of the "Truth-Tellers Web Site" told this reporter today in a telephone interview.

"The current Federal Hate Crime Bill," the Reverend Ted Pike continued, "is a work of the B'nai Brith's Anti Defamation League. Their main goal is the annihilation of Christian morality and Christian civilization! Christians will no longer be free to preach from the New Testament!" Rev Pike concluded.

# Sbn Nathanael - "Recently Abraham Foxman, who defends sexual perverts, made a public statement that the New Testament is "anti-semitic." Well Mr 'Herod the Fox,' the New Testament was written by Jews who were not afraid to indict their Jewish leaders for their crimes. The Holy Apostles were no different than the Hebrew prophets of old, who were murdered by their Jewish leaders and fellow countrymen for speaking the Truth!

~ "What should concern us all, is that this "FEDERAL HATE CRIME BILL" will make it a "hate crime" if we quote passages from the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, that indict Jews, Homosexuals, and Lesbians. I invite all of my readers to visit Reverend Ted Pike's site @ and take action now!



~ "My lawyer, Attorney A.H. Wilson of San Francisco, has debriefed me as to my legal rights. Thus with this legal counsel, along with much prayer and fasting, I am now fully prepared to stage a Protest in front of the ROCOR Cathedral," Brother Nathanael told this reporter.

- "I have been warned that ROCOR thugs may assault me, but I am not afraid," continued Brother Nathanael. "Let them beat me up! Both my lawyer, the Police, and the media have already been alerted!" Brother Nathanael asserted.

# Sbn Nathanael: "Bravo Brother Nathanael! I have been informed by this dear brother in Christ that the San Francisco media has been alerted & that a feature story may be in the works. Brother Nathanael will be carrying a sign advertizing in so many words, 'UNAMERICAN ACTIVITIES!' Our prayers are with you dear Brother Nathanael!



"Both Ambassador John E Herbst and an Anti MP Protopriest from the Ukraine, Fr PLiatz, were denied attendance at the SOBOR, even though they were lawfully elected delegates. However, through the protests of many, they were permitted to attend by the ROCOR hierarchs," continued Dr Magerovsky.

# Sbn Nathanael - "These two men are the only hope remaining for the ROCOR to remain a true Orthodox Church. If the ROCOR bishops vote "yes," hopefully Bishop Agafangel will declare himself a true ROCOR bishop and many will gather around him.

~ "As regards the other ANTI-MP hierarch of ROCOR, Bishop Daniel of Erie, the poor man has allegedly been placed under "house arrest" by a certain Attorney-become-priest by the name of Fr Pimen Simon, the rector of Bishop Daniel's church, "Holy Theotokos," in Erie PA. So much for miserable wrethced PRO MP, attorney-priests who control their hierarchs! Well I have three Attorneys on retainer, located in 3 different states. And I thank God that they are crack attorneys, but that they are not Orthodox priests!"


- March 15 2006: "THE MEDIA WITH FULL INTENT AND PURPOSE MALIGNS THE SERBIAN ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS!" writes the Editor in Chief, Gregory R. Copley of the "Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy" Newletter. In Copley's book, "Hiding Genocide," the plight of the Serbian Orthodox Christian in outlined objectfully and factually.
http://www.spc.yu/Vesti-2004/pogrom.html &

# Sbn Nathanael - "I highly recommend to all concerned to purchase the book "Hiding Genocide," which costs only $3.00 @ "


- April 23 2006: "PATRIARCH ALEXY II OF THE MOSCOW PATRIARCHY has sent a letter to First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) Metropolitan Laurus, in which he supported his efforts toward the reunification of the two churches," Alexy said in an interview published in the Saturday issue of the Trud newspaper.

~ "The more time passes, the less the Russian Church abroad will remain Russian. Therefore, this might perhaps be the last chance to unify two branches of the Russian people in one church," Alexy II wrote to Metropolitan Laurus. FOR MORE ON THE LETTER SEE:

# Sbn Nathanael - "This is surely what this union is all about besides the LUKOIL-MP $$$ that Laurus has gotten over the past 10 years - "RUSSIANISM!"

~ "Well what's more important you fatso ROCOR bishops? "Russianism Or Orthodoxy?" Me-thinks the fatso ROCOER bishops and Herr Daemon Hun Mark of Berlin, prefer, "russianism," "blinis," and MP $$$S!"


- March 5-14 2006: "NATHANAEL SPEAKS!" @ WILL BE REPORTING LIVE FROM THE ROCOR 2006 SOBOR IN SAN FRANCISCO WITH DAILY UPDATES!" informs Brother Nathanael Kapner, Investigating Reporter. Brother Nathanael Kapner will be staging a Protest in front of the Holy Virgin Cathedral where the ROCOR SOBOR is being held.

# Sbn Nathanael - "We look forward to these daily updates dear Brother Nathanael. May Christ bless you in your holy work for The Truth and for the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Orthodox Christian Church. Our prayers are with you dear Brother Nathanael."
+CHURCH NEWS+ © 2006

"Dear Visitors - I began this Live Journal at the end of November 2005. At that time I was sore distressed for having been put in Jail by Dormtion Skete's Abp Gregory's priest-monk, Fr Peter Wheeler for allegedly "stealing my monks uniform." I bought this "monks uniform" from St Barbara's Vestry and brought to the Buena Vista CO Police Departement, a letter from said Vestry, proving my legal ownership. I wear my "cassock" even while now writing this apology.

I have over the course of the 5 months offended many by my pictures, innuendos, and sarcastic remarks, and what may appear as slanderous remarks as well. For this I apologize to my readers, those specific hierarchs, clergy and lay officers. This is Pashca and I wish to call all my "brothers" even those who hate me and I have disparaged, and to those that I have used harsh language.

As for the PRO MP ROCOR priests, I believe that they commit a worse sin, by sinning against Christ's Holy Church. I only pray that they would carry forth the Anti MP policiies of their past Great Hierarchs' Met Anthony, Met Anastasi, and the holy St Philaret.

Sbn Nathanael Kapner (ROAC)
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01 May 2006 @ 11:24 pm


Sbn Nathanael Kapner: “Are you against the union between the ROCOR and the Moscow Patriarchy?”

Protopriest Valery Lukianov: "I am for the union 'in Truth!'"

Sbn Nathanael: "What do you mean ‘for the union in Truth?'"

Protopriest Valery Lukianov: "Before there can be a union, the “truth” of our confession must be articulated and demonstrated.

~ "The Moscow Patriarchy must renounce its involvement with the World Council of Churches, and show clear signs that it has repudiated Sergianism—that is, not be a tool of the government. Then there can be a basis “in truth” for the union.

~ "I have stated this my position to the union publicly and is available on the Internet. We must have one, and only one, concern - not to sin against the TRUTH!’"



Sbn Nathanael Kapner: “If the ROCOR Bishops vote for the union with the Moscow Patriarchy next week, what will be the implications for the security of the United States?”

Konstantin Preobrazhensky: “A union between the ROCOR and the Moscow Patriarchy will be a great threat to the security of the United States.

~ “Putin’s intelligence will come to the U.S. under the church-cover. A great political force will serve the interests of the Russian Federation inside the United States of America.”

Sbn Nathanael: “How will this political force install itself?”

Konstantin Preobrazhensky: “MP-installed clerics in a former Russian Orthodox Church Abroad will be carrying out orders from Moscow, which is governed by one organization – the KGB.”

~ “Putin has created a new political system in Russia – ‘a KGB state.’ The KGB runs everything: foreign policy, education, business, propaganda, and religion. It is a well known fact that the MP Patriarch, Alexy II, and the MP Director of External Relations, Kirill of Smolensk, were KGB agents prior to 1991. What many do not understand, is that they still operate as KGB officers.

~ "Not only KGB collaborators will come to America, but professional spies having military rank and graduates from the KGB schools, will come to America in priest’s robes. Such people must have always been working here in America in the parishes of the Moscow Patriarchate. Now they will increase greatly after the unification.

~ "All those who became bishops in the Soviet period are KGB agents. And a great number of those who became bishops after 1991 are also KGB agents. Not only bishops but Russian clergy as well. They are not only collaborators--they are full time officers."



Sbn Nathanael Kapner: “Do you think that Metropolitan Laurus and the other ROCOR bishops will vote for the union next week at the SOBOR in San Francisco?”

Fr Sergei Klestov: “After 4 years of the ROCOR bishops working for the union, they cannot come up empty handed.”

Sbn Nathanael: “What do you think will happen to the ROCOR if Metropolitan Lauus and his bishops vote for the union?”

Fr Sergei Klestov: “I consider the Pro-MP bishops to be the betrayers of the righteous path that our former great Hierarchs have pointed out to us – to ‘stay the course.’

~ “So much damage to the ROCOR has already been done by Metropolitan Laurus’ Administration. Already there has been a schism in our Church because of Metropolitan Laurus’ pursuit of unification with the Moscow Patriarchate.

~ “Now if they vote “yes,” a full schism will take place. The Church under Laurus will then no longer be “the ROCOR!”



Sbn Nathanael Kapner: “Metropolitan Laurus is pressing for a ‘eucharistic communion’ with the Moscow Patriarchy. Is this a reasonable pursuit?”

Dr Eugene L Magerovsky: “On the surface it appears to be reasonable. However, if you approach it canonically, then there are serious questions about it.”

Sbn Nathanael: “And what are the questions surrounding a ‘eucharistic communion?’”

Dr E L Magerovsky: “It all stems from the Sergianist Declaration of 1927. First of all this was a political document which resulted in a separation of the Russian Church Abroad and the false church under Sergius. The ROCA simply refused to be subservient to the State—in this case, the godless Soviet state.

~ “Then there was a question of Church Administration. The ROCA had one head, at that time, Metropolitan Anthony Khrapovitsky. And the remaining church in Russia had another head, Metropolitan Sergius, who surrendered the decision-making of the church to the Soviets.

~ Finally, there was the question of ‘eucharistic communion’-- namely the spiritual union between the two churches, which was cut asunder by the surrendering of the church to the Soviets by Metropolitan Sergius Stragorodsky.

Sbn Nathanael: “So are you outlining three issues with regard to the two churches? Namely, one – a political scenario; two – an administrative scenario – and three – a ‘eucharistic-communion’ scenario?”

Dr E. L. Magerovsky: “Yes. Now in order to repair the divisions between the two churches, the church has to first repair the political divisions, and then the administrative divisions. Only then, can it achieve ‘eucharistic communion.’”

Sbn Nathanael: “How can these things be repaired?”

Dr E L Magerovsky: “We claim that the Moscow Patriarchy is a ‘sergianist type’ of institution. The MP must cease its sergianist mode of operation and become again a true church, independent of the Russian state.

~ “Administratively, the MP must call for an All Russian Council,--which it has refused to do since 1917.”

Sbn Nathanael: “What must the MP do at this All Russian Council?”

Dr E L Magerovsky: “At this All Russian Council, the Moscow Patriarchy must re-establish itself. It will do so by getting rid of its sergianist orientation, dismissing all of the soviet period bishops who have been exposed as KGB agents, and thus becoming a whole church again as it was before 1917.

~ “After that, a universally accepted head should be selected in a SOBOR setting. And I emphasize, ‘universally accepted.’

~ “Once these things take place, there would be an automatic ‘eucharistic communion.’ ROCOR could then recognize one head, one Russian hierarchy, and could then return to the church's pre-1917 scenario.

~ “A ‘eucharistic communion’ is the crowning end-achievement of the Church. This is based on the canonical administrative and political components of the Church.

~ “But this will take time to achieve. To unite now with the Moscow Patriarchy is premature. We must wait. It Is Not Yet The Time To Unite!”

Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting
I Will Be Protesting In San Francisco Beginning May 6 2006!
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- March 30 2006: "ROCOR MET LAURUS, BP GABRIEL, FR GEORGE LAGODICH, & SEEDY CHARACTER Yuri Miloslavsky visited ROCiE Abp Sergei shortly before his repose on April 10 2006," reports Olga Kindiakoff, who was visiting her brother when the above named arrived.

~ "Perhaps they came to make sure that Abp Sergei was dying, so that they could pursue a lawsuit against the Bishop's residence that Met Vitaly owns in Montreal where my brother lived," Mss Kindiakoff remarked to this reporter. "Or perhaps they wished to say that during their visit, Abp Sergei asked for Met Laurus' forgiveness -- which is already being printed and stated," Mss Kindiakoff continued.

"However," Olga Kindiakoff asserted, "I was present during Met Laurus' visit. My brother's back was turned to Met Laurus and the others, and Abp Sergei remained in a coma during their entire visit."

# Sbn Nathanael - "Of course there were ulterior motives for these fatso hierarchs' visit to the honorable Abp +Sergei. Olga Kindiakoff told me that she was alarmed to see how obese Bp Gabriel was. And what should we expect from these dogs who "serve their bellies and not the Lord Jesus Christ!"


-April 28 2006: "WE ARE WAITING FOR ROCiE ABP SERGEI TO DIE--THEN WE WILL SUE ROCiE FOR THE MONTREAL BISHOP'S RESIDENCE!" Bp Gabriel, Secretary of the ROCOR has been quoted as saying.

# Sbn Nathanael - "I have been informed that the 'Bishop's Residence' where the recently reposed Abp Sergei resided, is owned by Metropolitan Vitaly. ROCOR Bishop Dunzkoff, who violently attempted to abduct Met Vitaly in 2002, has been active in trying to bring the building into ROCOR's possesion.

~ "Dunzkoff's efforts began when placing this Yuri Miloslavsky into the building a few years back. Now it appears that litigation has begun by the ROCOR slimeballs, headed by the big fat slime ball of all, Bishop Gabriel to steal the building "legally" from the rightful owner, ROCiE Metropolitan Vitaly.

~ ROCiE is fighting back however, with Abp Anthony Orlov handling the legalalities on behalf of Metropolitan Vitaly and the ROCiE Jurisdiction. Our prayers are with you dear Vladyka Anthony!"


MP Alexy II & ROCOR 'Judas' Met Laurus Concelebrate!

-April 28 2006: ROCOR DR E.L. MAGEROVSKY REPORTS: “THE NUMBER OF THE ROCOR FAITHFUL THAT HAS SIGNED THE PETITION or the "Epistle to the Sobor," drafted by the organization in opposition to a quick merger of ROCOR with the MP, the Revniteli Society of the Blessed Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky), has reached over a thousand, including some sixty members of the clergy.

~ “The signatures are continuing to come in both from the clergy and the laity. We also have been told by the Synod officials that our Epistle will be made part of the documentation for the Sobor.

# Sbn Nathanael - "Will it make a difference to the wretched garbage dump of all apostates, Metropolitan Laurus? I do not think the apostate wretch Laurus could care less!"

Stalin; Konstantine Preobrazhensky; MP Alexy II & Putin

April 28 2006: EX KGB LIEUTENANT-COLONEL KONSTANTIN PREOBRAZHENSKY RECENTLY TOLD THIS REPORTER: "Russian priest Fr Gleb Yakunin told me that at the Pascha service in Moscow, MP Patriarch Alexy II publicly thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for caring for the Russian people and giving to the Russian people 'all that we need.'

~ "This is nothing less than a hearkening back to the Stalin era," Preobrazhensky remarked to this reporter. "For in the Stalin era," continued Preobrazhensky, "the MP stooges continually sang Stalin's praises, thus evincing that the Church was not independant from the State."

# Sbn Nathanael - "Konstanine Preobrazhensky is a regular contributer to the "ORTHODOXY OR DEATH!" Discussion Group. Come & join us @


-April 28 2006: EX KGB LIEUTENANT-COLONEL KONSTANTIN PREOBRAZHENSKY RECENTLY WROTE IN THE "ORTHODOXY OR DEATH!" DISCUSSION GROUP: "In 5 years from now, a Rocor-unification with the Moscow Patriarchy will appear as a huge mistake. At present the appeal is in being united with a church that exists in what is now perceived as a "democratic" Russian Federation.

"But Russia is gradually but evidently deviating from the West. This can be seen in Russia's diplomatic efforts towards Communist North Korea, Cuba, and non-democratic nations that are not idealogical-allies of the democratic West such as Iran and other oil-producing nations.

"A union with such an alienated Russia by the ROCOR," Preobrazhensky continued, "will in 5 years be looked upon not only as an embarrassment but a nightmare."

# Sbn Nathanael - "Konstantin Preobrazhensksy (ROCOR) is a good friend of mine. To read more of his thoughts on Russia and the pending ROCOR-MP union, join us at "ORTHODOXY OR DEATH!" Discussion Group @


Click to join orthodoxy-or-death


# Sbn Nathanael - "I have been banned by 4 Discussion Groups over the past 9 months -- so I decided to start my own! Come and join an "uncensored" Orthodox Discussion Group with such notables as Dr E L Magerovsky, ROCiE priest Fr Tikhon Kozushin, and Ex KGB Konstantin Preobrazhensky. All Jurisdictions Are Welcome!
+CHURCH NEWS+ © 2006
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26 April 2006 @ 03:05 am

Garbage Dump Of All Apostates Rocor "Madame" Laurus; "Demon-Dog" Rocor Mark Of Berlin; MP Alexy II, Putin, Yassar Arafat


by Nadezhda Kevorkova
GAZETA, 21 November 2003

"Patriarch Alexis II described how Archbishop Mark of the ROCOR asked forgiveness for all the past harsh statements directed against the Mother Church. [Statements Of The Great ROCOR Hierarchs To Follow]

"Archpriest Nikolay Balashov, Secretary of the Department of External Church Relations, testified for GAZETA that these apologies that resounded in the personal meeting of the Patriarch with the ROCOR delegation were repeated by Archbishop Mark at a meeting with the Synod on the second day of the talks, saying how "one would not now want to recall and repeat these statements."
[These righteous statements that the "Demon-Dog" Mark Of Berlin wishes to suppress will now be RECALLED!]

"Demon-Dog" Mark Wretch Of Berlin, Fat Slob Alexy II/ The Holy Righteous Past Rocor Hierarchs St. Anastassi & St. Philaret

- "The condemnation by our Hierarchy of the agreement with the atheists promulgated by the Moscow Patriarchate remains in effect and cannot be changed except by the repentance of the Moscow Patriarchate.

[1] This policy, which seeks to serve both Christ and Belial, is unquestionably a betrayal of Orthodoxy. Therefore, we can have no liturgical communion with any bishop or cleric of the Moscow Patriarchate." Metropolitan Philaret"The Orthodox Word" (P96, 1981)

- "Since the present leader of the Russian Church emulates the example and legacy of his predecessor in his relationship with the Soviet state and goes even further in accommodating the spirit of the times, we do not deem it possible to enter into canonical communion with him and submit to his authority.

"We well know the price of ecclesiastical peace and unity and least of all wish to hinder it in any way on our part, but there are circumstances in the life of the Church when division becomes morally necessary."
[Met Anastassy - ROCOR HISTORY @]

Rocor Abp Anthony Of Los Angeles +1996
-"Blessed Metropolitan Anthony called his (sergei's) declaration a betrayal. During those times (1927) Moscow bishops, archbishops and metropolitans had not yet become KGB agents. The main task of the KGB was the "eradication of religion". This makes the activities of the bishops, archbishops and metropolitans of the Moscow Patriarchate much worse than betrayal.

"In his last will and testament, Metropolitan Anastassy has said: "As for the Moscow Patriarchate and its bishops, archbishops and metropolitans, the Russian Church Abroad must not have any canonical, prayerful, or even simple everyday association." Last Will & Testament Of Met Anthnony Of Los Angeles
The Politics Of Betrayal

Foreign Affairs Table
Washinton Political Commentator Attorney Michael S. Woodson
Russian Federation Aggressive Clandestine Activity

"The Russian Federation, and President Putin personally, would reach into the United States. Putin has schmoozed the as yet independent Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR), calling them to come into communion with the church under the authority of the Moscow Patriarchate in Russia. The upshot of that would be canonical control of the ROCOR by the Moscow Patriarchate.

~ "Since, Putin has tolerated the erection among red flowers of a monument to the man who blew up the Russian Orthodox cathedrals and parishes that caused the ROCOR's now largely Russian American flock to flee the Soviets: the pre-KGB CHEKA founder of the Red Terror, Felix Dzerzhinsky. Under Dzerzhinsky, the USSR arrested, shot and imprisoned Orthodox Christians who refused to recant their faith, put their children in reeducation camps and taught them to hate their parents.

Neo-Soviet Putin; Murderer Of The Orthodox Xians Felix Dzerzhinsky
~ "And President Putin has also ordered that statues of his former boss and 15 year KGB (then USSR) Chief Yuri Andropov's go up, the man who presided over the KGB as it carried out its operation to assassinate Pope John Paul II through the Turkish fop, if the Italians are correct. President Putin was then a high ranking officer with a track record serving the KGB in East Germany.

~ "What now seems very likely, is that the Russian Federation, holding onto a nostalgia for the USSR's authoritarian glory, is planning first to soft talk a communion between its still-cowed and much FSB-infiltrated Moscow Patriarchate in Russia and the US-based ROCOR. Then, by an assertion of canon law, the Moscow Patriarchate will push for its own authority over the ROCOR in the US, likely preceded by some feint of good will toward the US government designed to keep it off-guard.

~ "At that time, Americans, whether Russian Americans or others, and new immigrants, will be subject to visiting Moscow Patriarchate priests before whom they would confess their sins. Indeed, the visits to American parishes by clergy of the Moscow Patriarchate have already begun.

Brezhnev & KGB Andropov;Neo-Soviet Putin; Right: Krushvev & KGB Andropov
~ "There would be little in the way of discerning whether MP clergy were members of the Russian Federation's FSB or reported to them. Of some concern also, is that some members of the ROCOR are also employees of the US government. And that could be what you call an invitation to infiltration, and worse, blackmail for agency.

~ "There are those who are not easily fooled, however, and several are former KGB agents, some turned journalists, and most have fled Russia since Putin took the helm and the major Russian newspapers began self-censoring under government pressure in the late 90s. (The NGO that promotes free press is one of those whose grant has been stalled.)

~ "Included among these are those whose writings are easily accessed on the internet: former KGB Lt. Gen. Oleg Kalugin; former KGB Chief Archivist Vasili Mitrokhin; former KGB Lt. Col. and ROCOR church member Konstantin Preobrazhensky, and others. Of former Russian civilians and long time outside observers, check out journalist and author Yevgenia Albats, the Keston Institute and Intelligence Historian of Oxford University, Prof. Christopher Andrew. Also, scholar John Dunlop, with these others, has recognized the evidence that Patriarch Alexei II, the head of the Moscow Patriarchate and many fellow bishops are and or have been former KGB agents. After the USSR crumbled, the KGB did not crumble, but changed its name to the FSB, according to these sources.

Wretched Garbage Dump of all Apostates, Rocor MADAME LAURUS with his lover Putin; Anti KGB Spy Network General Oleg Kalugin
~ "And the day that this generation of Bishops in the ROCOR opens their arms in cognitive dissonance to the spells of the Russian Federation through the Moscow Patriarchate, dismissing the lessons of the past and failing to listen to the neutral observers who aren't under the RF regime thumb, is the day that many may feel forced to attend other Orthodox Churches.

~ "The Moscow Patriarchate organization is itself an instrument of the Russian state as evidenced by its many comments in line with Russian State expectations about the ROCOR's resistance to reunification, while saying kinder, gentler things to the ROCOR.

~ "The ROCOR, having found safe haven all of these years in the US, Europe and other lands, would do well to block any re-unification of the Moscow Patriarch with the ROCOR until the former KGB and current FSB running the Patriarchate repent of it, die, or resign, and until the Russian Federation has halted its new authoritarian experiment and become an open society. Those authoritarian experiments of Russia's past have not worked out so very well, have they?

YOU Wretched Garbage Dump of all Apostates, Rocor MADAME LAURUS!

Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting
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20 April 2006 @ 07:05 pm
+CHURCH NEWS+ Issue April 21 2006  

Archimandrite Alexei of The St Edward's Brotherhood

April 21 2006: "WILL THE ROCOR ST EDWARD'S BROTHERHOOD OF WOKING ENGLAND RISE TO THE CHALLENGE this coming May?" many True Orthodox Christians are now asking themselves.

# Sbn Nathanael Kapner - "A key associate of the monastery told this reporter that not all in ROCOR England, inluding the St Edward's Brotherhood, are happy about the MP-ROCOR union about to be voted on this May 6 2006 in San Francisco by the hierarchs of the ROCOR.

~ "Unresolved issues such as the former KGB affilliations of the MP hierarchs, and the Holy Land property takeovers by the MP, are matters of concern for the ROCOR England group. "Not now!" was the sentiment expressed to me by this key associate of the St Edward's Monastery..

~ "My only hope is that the St Edwards Brotherhood and those associated with them will have the courage to stand up to Laurus and his motley crew this coming May."

Russian political prisoner, Michiel Khodorovsky; MP Patriarch Alexy II With LUKOIL President

April 21 2006: "IS THE MOSCOW PATRIARCHY'S BENEFACTOR, LUKOIL, BEHIND THE RECENT IMPRISONMENT of oil tycoon Michiel Khodorovsky? Khodorovsky, who was convicted last May 2005 on trumped-up charges of tax evasion, is said to be an unjust victim of semi-private LUKOIL.

# Sbn Nathanael - "Michael Khodorkovsky, 42, is the former chief of the Yukos Oil Company and was once Russia's richest man.

~ "He was convicted on charges including fraud and tax evasion after a trial seen as punishment for his political ambitions and part of a state drive for control of the crucial oil industry. Yukos Oil has been dismantled, and its main production unit is now under state control.

~ "LUKOIL is a known benefactor of the MP and has close affiliations with Russia's President Vladimir Putin. Many are now conjecturing that ROCOR Metropolitan Laurus, the garbage dump of all apostates, is receiving money from the MP-LUKOIL-PUTIN consortium. After all, it was Laurus who said recently to a ROCOR audience, "We've come to far to turn back now!"

April 21 2006: ROCOR DR MAGEROVSKY REPORTS: "On April 16th the Revniteli Society of the Blessed Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky), a dissenting ROCOR group, have handed Metropolitan Lavr a letter in which it is stated that 98 ROCOR clergymen have said that they will not commemorate Alexei II under any circumstances and that 103 ROCOR clergymen are against the "eucharisticcommunion" between ROCOR and the current MP."

~ "It will be recalled that the Society has sent all of its approx. 300 clergymen a questionnaire on that subject, and 113 have responded. The letter also stated that pushing these ideas at the coming Sobor will inevitably cause a fundamental schism in the ROCOR Church."

# Sbn Nathanael - "This garbage dump of all apostates, Fatso Metropolitan Laurus, could care less what anybody thinks about the union. I am of the conviction that garbage dump "Madame" Laurus has been "bought" by LUKOIL-MP-PUTIN $$$. And that the wretch Laurus, in his own words, has 'gone too far to turn back now!'"

April 6 2006: "WHY WAS ROCOR PROTOPRIEST- FINANCIAL CONSULTANT, MR. PETER HOLODNY, acoompanying ROCOR Metropolitan Laurus during his trip to the Russian Federation in November of 2003?" many suspicious Anti- MP Orthodox Christians are now asking themselves.

# Sbn Nathanael - "This Peter Holodny makes his career as as an International high finance consultant. Much of Holdodny's dealings have allegedly involved Soviet holdings and investments.

~ "This reporter is of the very strong conviction that the beardless, "corporate-sheened" Holodny, who carries himself in church more like a protestant than an orthodox christian, was working out key money transfers from the MP-LUKOIL bank accounts, into ROCOR secret holdings. In other words, ROCOR Met Laurus, the garbage dump of all apostates, "HAS BEEN BOUGHT!"

April 21 2006: "WHY WAS ROCOR METROPOLITAN LAURUS VISITING THE NOW REPOSED Abp Sergei of ROCiE with a very suspicious and as it is said, 'unsavory character,' known as Yuri Miloslavsky?" many Anti-Laurus True Orthodox Christians are now asking themselves.

# Sbn Nathanael -"This Yuri Miloslavsky is said to be a real slimeball---which is just the type the garbage dump Laurus likes to be with.

~ "Miloslavsky was brought up from New York by the wretched ROCOR hierarch, Michael Donzkoff, to live in a building owned by Metropolitan Vitaly, sometime in the late ninetees.

~ "This reporter has been informed that this Miloslavsky is an unsavory character who though is living in a ROCiE owned building rent free, is a probable KGB agent working closely with garbage-dump ROCOR Metropolitan "Madame" Laurus. Miloslavsky is said to be an unsavory character, who has a shifty manner about him.

~ "Not long after the now reposed ROCIE Abp Sergei was hospitalized, the wretched Laurus accompanied by this slime-ball Miloslavsky, visited Abp Sergei in the hospital. Miloslavsky was carrying a huge suspicious looking bag.

~ "The whole affair, and Laurus' association with the low-life Miloslavsky only confirms a sentiment that many possess about Metropolitan Laurus. And that sentiment may be phrased as some have asserted, "Metropolitan Laurus is a slime-ball too!"
+CHURCH NEWS+ © 2006
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19 April 2006 @ 12:36 am


2003 & 2004: 666 Mark Of Berlin Hosted "My Trip To Russia!" -
Garbage-Dump Laurus & The Beast Alexy II Of The MP


"Come along with me for a pictoral presentation of how I am truly "Madame" Laurus. For I am bringing all of my dear Rocor boys to committ Fornication with the big fat beast, Alexy II! "How sweet it is!"

ROCOR Abp Kyrill Of San Francisco & Bondage-Master Alexy II & "Madame" Laurus

- Madame Laurus: "Isn't he a dear boy! That's Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco! Here I am teaching the dear one to committ fornication with my client, Alexy II! "How sweet it is!"

Top Right: ROCORS' Traitors Archimandrite Luke Of Jordanville; Bp Ambrovsy; 666 Mark Of Berlin; Evtikee Of Siberia; Alexander Lebedeff; George Larin

-Madame Laurus: "These are my boys committing fornication with MP hacks. They're really no match for these rogues. But that's a feather in my klobuk from my client and lover, Alexy II! Let's take a closer look at the players..."

MP Mean Devil "beady-eyed" bastard Abp Evlogy Of Moscow Theological; "Bleary-eyed" Dean Luke Of Jordanville Seminary; Mark of Berlin's rolly polly puppet bishop Ambrovsy; Rubbish can "Madame" Laurus, the Judas Of Rocor

-Madame Laurus:"That's the MP Abp Evlogy, Rector of the Moscow Theological Seminary on the left. Archimandrite "tipsy" Luke is scared to death of him! That's Ambrovsy next to Luke. Mark of Berlin owns his wretched soul. We fat boys at Rocor are no match for the likes of these MP knaves!"

Madame Laurus; Vladimir Putin; ROCOR Garbage Pail "low life" Bp Gabriel; Abp Kyrill of San Francisco; Demon Dog Mark of Berlin

-Madame Laurus: "How sweet it is!""This is simply the happiest moment of my miserable life! Will you just look at fatso me! I'm swooning. I'm crooning. I'm standing next to Vladimir Putin! "How sweet it is!"

Abp Kyrill Of San Fransico; Demon dog Mark of Berlin; The Beast on the Red Dragon, Alexy II gorged with the blood of the holy martyrs; Fatso Traitor Wretch, ROCOR Hilarion The Miserable glutton pig

- Madame Laurus: "My boys are just livin' it up! Alexy kept on rollin' out the red carpet for my dear patsys. And boy - did we get fed! Mmmm. We had MP "shit on a shingle!" Pretty soon after we copulate in uniting with the MP, all of my ROCOR parishioners are going to be eating "shit on a shingle!" That's what our 'eucharistic communion' is gonna be all about! "How sweet it is!"

High Finance Operator "Protopriest" Peter Holodny, The Treasurer Of The ROCOR Synod; Fatso Judas Garbage Dump Of All Apostates "Madame" Laurus; MP Homosexual Apt Juvenaly of KGB fame

-Madame Laurus: ""How sweet it is!" Money is what it all boils down to in the end. Everywhere we went in Russia, our ROCOR Synod's financial whiz, International Financial Consultant "Protopriest" Mr. Peter Holodny was right by my fatso side. Mmmm. Mp bucks! That's what 'eucharistic communion' is really all about!"

Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting
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Nathanael Speaks!
"and everybody listens"

• June 2006


- June 9 2006: ROCOR ANTI-MP BISHOP DANIEL IS ALLEGEDLY STILL UNDER 'HOUSE ARREST' BY HIS 'OVERSEER,' PRO-MP ATTORNEY-AT-LAW FR PEEMON SIMON ESQUIRE. Attorney Peemon Esq. who moonlights as an 'Old-Believer' Priest, has allegedly gagged Bishop Daniel - (albeit Bishop Daniel did participate in the recent ROCOR SOBOR for a few days only.) For after Bishop Daniel went on the Internet for a brief time 6 weeks ago, censuring the ROCOR for desiring to unite with the Moscow Patriarchy, the browbeaten Bishop Daniel was immediately silenced.

# Sbn Nathanael: "I have first-hand information that Bishop Daniel cannot receive emails or phone calls from those who wish to talk with him concerning his ANTI MP views. Attorney Peemon, who is the Rector of the Nativity Of The Theotokos 'Old Believers' Parish in Erie PA, provides Bishop Daniel with a residence, meals, and phone service. Was ANTI-MP Bishop Daniel threatened in some veiled manner by PRO-MP Attorney Peemon Simon? My opinion is that the wretched Attorney has indeed stuck a gag into the abused Bishop's mouth.

ROCiE Metropolitan Vitaly; Archbishop Anthony (Orlov)

- June 9 2006: ROCiE ARCHBISHOP ANTHONY (ORLOV) WHO IS NOW 'DEPUTY' OVER THE AFFAIRS OF METROPOLITAN VITALY is presently fighting an uphill battle against ROCOR'S designs on the property of the residence of the recently reposed Archbishop Sergei in Montreal Canada. In a recent transition of Archbishop Anthony's responsibilites, he must now tangle with highly professional and well paid ROCOR lawyers.

# Sbn Nathanael: "Who would want to tangle with these ROCOR sharks? What true-confessing Bishop is equipped for this type of warfare? But the demon-bishops of ROCOR with the wicked Madame Laurus at their head, will stoop at nothing to achieve their Soviet aims of total control over the small remnant of Christ's little flock."

- June 6 2006: BREAKING NEWS REPORT FROM ROCOR DR E.L. MAGEROVSKY! - "An Interview with ROCOR Metropolitan Laurus appeared on the Russian News Agency, ITAR TASS, this Tuesday June 6 2006.

~ "Laurus in his typical wishy-washy fashion seemed to be promoting a union with the Moscow Patriarchy. Laurus stated in the Russian version of the Interview that a final decision would have to be made by the 15 member ROCOR Council of Bishops.

~ "However, this is totally out-of-order. For a decision of this magnitude should be made by a General SOBOR such as the one just held. But this past SOBOR, from all appearances, was nothing more than a complete sham. For apparently, Laurus has decided to ignore the SOBOR's RESOLUTION that states that the ROCOR is to remain 'independant.' Nonetheless, a new General SOBOR should be convened to decide whether or not to merge with the Moscow Patriarchy.

# Sbn Nathanael: "I don't swallow Laurus' 'passive aggressive' style with regard to the MP-ROCOR union. I believe that Laurus is a wicked thing who has been involved with the Moscow Patriarchy for many years. Laurus' brother is known as being a communist party official in the Soviet-period nation of Czheckoslovakia. I am certain that Laurus has used his brother's mediation with the Soviet Moscow Patriarchy for Visas and other 'favors.' Now Laurus must pay back all of those favors. I am convinced that Madame Laurus has been bought!"

New Hieromartyr St Peter of Krutisk; Frs Mark Smith and Andrew Kencis of Monastery Press (ROCiE); New Martyr St Basil of Kineshma

- June 6 2006: ROCiE MONASTERY PRESS HAS ANNOUNCED THAT IT WAS PREPARING A DEFINITIVE WORK on the Lives of the New Martyrs of Russia. Since the book, "Russias Catacomb Saints," is now out of print, many Orthodox Christians are eagerly awaiting this new publication in the making.
To learn more See:

# Sbn Nathanael: "Bravo Monastery Press! ROCiE Fr Andrew Kencis the Director of Monastery Press is working overtime to bring this most important work to the press. Our prayers are with you dear Fr Kencis. Keep up the good work!"

Center: Madame Laurus with his cell-boy Nicholas Olhovsky

- June 6 2006: "IS ROCOR METROPOLITAN LAURUS 'STACKING THE DECK?'" many concerned ANTI MP Orthodox Christians are now asking.

~ A ROCOR Deacon Nicholas Olhovsky, the cell attendent of Metropolitan Laurus, is being grommed for the priesthood by Laurus himself. Olhovsky, an MP admirer, will fit right into Metropolitan Laurus' scheme to create a majority of ROCOR priests who favor a merger with the MP.

# Sbn Nathanael: "Aren't we all disgusted with this entire MP-ROCOR affair? Aren't we all tired of looking at Madame Laurus' wretched face? But one ever tires at looking at the beautiful and holy face of the sacred former ROCOR Metropolitan St Philaret. Oh may Christ speedily bring this Laurus down and elevate a true confessing First Hierarch for an independent ROCOR!"

Left: True Orthodox Hierarchs; Right: False Hierarchs, Madame Laurus, Fatso boy Hilarion, Kirilla of San Franciscalla

- May 6-14 2006: OVERHEARD IN SAN FRANCISCO! Many Delegates at the ROCOR SOBOR were outraged by a painting of Archbishop Kirill commissioned especially for the 'festive' extravaganza. As one Delegate remarked to this reporter, "The painting of Archbishop Kirill was very gaudy, complete with black Victorian curtains, and painted in a 'Boris Karloff' nightmarish style.

# Sbn Nathanael: "As far as I am concerned, this SOBOR was more like a Hollywood production than a serious General Council. Let them all be 'cast out of the temple' - these ROCOR traders of merchandise. And may Christ rebuild His Russian Church with only few-- as He once said to Moses, I will destroy this people and make a great nation from you!"
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06 June 2006 @ 11:47 am



- Sbn Nathanael Kapner: "Why was the Russian Media announcing that the ROCOR SOBOR voted to unite with the MP when no such vote took place?"

Konstantin Preobrazhensky: "Today's Russian Media has returned to its Soviet Period. During the Cold War, the Russian Media was presenting the dreams of the worldwide influence of the Soviet leaders as a reality. I wrote in the Soviet media a lot at the time and remember this very well. The Russian media would publicize that the West supported the Soviet idea when in fact, the opposite was the case."

- Sbn Nathanael: "It seems that the Russian Media has done the same in their recent headlines regarding the ROCOR SOBOR, does it not?"

Konstantin Preobrazhensky: "All of the headlines and articles by the Russian Media on the ROCOR SOBOR were prepared before the SOBOR even began. The Russian Media's aim was to assure its Russian and Western readers that Russian emigrants are eager to rejoin with their homeland and their homeland's church. When in fact, it is not so at all. There was no such vote for the union by the ROCOR SOBOR. But the Russian Media is not interested in facts. They are only interested in propaganda, regardless of whether it is true or false."

- Sbn Nathanael: "How involved is Putin with the Russian Media?"

Konstantin Preobrazhensky: "Putin has full control of all media in the Russian Federation. All Russian media can be called, 'THE DEPARTMENT OF PROPAGANDA,' and answerable to Putin himself. Whether it's ITAR-TASS, NOVOSTI, or INTER-FAX - they are all branches of 'THE DEPARTMENT OF PROPAGANDA.'

~ "As for NOVOSTI - many in the West are familiar with this Russian News Agency. But they do not know that NOVOSTI was initially formed by the KGB in the 1930's. Its purpose was to deceive the West into believing that the Soviet Union was a free country. Today NOVOSTI is still run by the KGB.

~ "There was a short period of freedom in the Russian media in the early to later part of the nineties when I managed to publish my anti KGB articles and even was able to speak on Russian Television, exposing the KGB. But since Putin came to power everything returned to the Soviet Period. A leader like Putin can stay in power much longer in a Soviet system.

- Sbn Nathanael: "How has Putin been using the Russian Media with regard to the ROCOR SOBOR?"

Konstantin Preobrazhensky: "Putin wishes to be the Tzar of the all Russians regardless of where they live. And the Russian Media which Putin controls does not want to disappoint its Russian readers that Russian emigrants do not want such a Tzar in Vladimir Putin.

~ "Putin wishes to absorb the ROCOR into the KGB-controlled Moscow Patriarchy. He has used the Russian Media in many ways in the past few years through numerous articles, interviews, and press releases of the ROCOR-MP negotiations, joint statements, and pictres of mutual visits, not to mention, numerous pictures of himself posing for the cameras in church.

~ "Now with the recent SOBOR, Putin has used the Russian Media to send a clear message to the ROCOR Bishops--who obviously are very much under Putin's influence. Putin's message to the ROCOR hierarchs, by printing in advance that the ROCOR bishops have voted on a union, even before such a vote took place, is this: 'The Russian Federation expects a favorable return on our investment you ROCOR Bishops. You better deliver!'"

- Sbn Nathanael: "How then has the MP influenced the ROCOR apart from Putin?"

Konstantin Preobrazhensky: "We should not concentrate so much on the MP as upon the Russian Secret Service, that is the KGB, of which Putin is the head. The MP is nothing more than Putin's puppet. If Putin did not want to absorb the ROCOR, the MP would not dare to say a word about it.

~ "We should not forget that since the time of the founding of the ROCOR in 1921, there has been only one institution in Russia allowed to deal with the ROCOR and that is the KGB. ROCOR is the province of KGB activity only. The MP has no right to contact anybody in the ROCOR without the permission of the KGB.

~ "The MP cannot contact ROCOR people voluntarily because some ROCOR bishops, priests, and laymen are most likely, KGB collaborators. Thus if anyone from the MP contacts these KGB agents in ROCOR voluntarily, they may be disclosed unintentionally."

- Sbn Nathanael: "What ROCOR Bishops may be working for the KGB?"

Konstantin Preobrazhensky: "I highly suspect that Mark of Berlin and Hilarion of Australia are working for the Moscow Patriarchy. Michael Donzkoff I suspect as well -- Donzkoff is very Pro-Putin.

~ These ROCOR bishops, Donzkoff, Hilarion, and Mark--and the rest of the PRO-MP Bishops of the ROCOR are not working for their own church. Isn't this obvious to all? It certainly is to the secular Press who can see through them all. It is very strange when a Bishop tries to get rid of his own church as soon as possible as if it were some unnecessary burden for him.

~ "For look - all that Mark, Hilarion, and Donzkoff and the rest of the ROCOR Bishops seem to care about is to come under the Moscow Patriarchy's thumb. It is all so obvious that these Bishops do not care about the ROCOR at all.

- Sbn Nathanael: "How does Metropolitan Laurus fit into all of this?"

Laurus With Family In Czhekoslovakia Where He Took Many Trips During The Cold War

Konstantin Preobrazhensky: "Laurus should be doing everything he can to save the ROCOR from being absorbed into the Russian Federation's 'Department Of Religious Affairs,' that is, the MP.

~ "But Laurus is a strange and enigmatic figure. The circumstances of Laurus coming into power are very strange--what with the 'retirement' of the ANTI-MP Metropolitan Vitaly, which seemed more like a coup.

~ "Laurus' present favorable attitude towards the MP dates back to his frequent visits to the Socialist Czhekoslovakia where Laurus was granted Visas quite freely by the communists.

~ "How could Laurus obtain these Visas so easily during the Cold War period when ROCOR was widely known in those days as being the leading Anti Soviet organization?

~ "Yes, the ROCOR was considered an enemy of the Soviets by the communists in those days! For Laurus to obtain Visas so easily to an Iron Curtain makes me very suspicious that he was connected to the KGB back in the Cold War Period. And now, Laurus must return all of the favors. For as Laurus recently said, 'It's too late to turn back now!'"

- Sbn Nathanael: "In closing, do you think that the union will eventually take place?"

Konstantin Preobrazhensky: "If the union between the ROCOR and the MP is voted on with regard to this MP ACT OF CANONICAL COMMUNION, that is now on the negotiating table - it will mean nothing less than suicide for the ROCOR. For the ROCOR will be totally absorbed by the all powerful, Russian State-funded MP.

~ "As for Laurus - Laurus will go down in history as the betrayer of the Russian Church Abroad and all that it once stood for." ~

Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting
For More on K Preobrazhensky's New Book, "THE KGB AND THE RUSSIAN EMIGRATION" contact:
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04 June 2006 @ 03:02 pm


Sbn Nathanael Kapner: "What is happening within the ranks of the ROCOR with regard to the recent ROCOR SOBOR?"

Dr Magerovsky: "There is now a growing mistrust amongst the ROCOR clergy and parishioners owing to how the SOBOR was handled.

~ "While typically a SOBOR renders a vote or a 'decision' -- nothing of this sort is to be discovered from the recent May 6-14 Rocor SOBOR in San Francisco.

~ "All were awaiting a definite answer as to whether the Bishops would vote 'yes' or 'no' to the pending union with the Moscow Patriarchy. Instead, everybody is now being held in a kind of limbo. This has left a bad taste in the mouths of many of the ROCOR."

Sbn Nathanael: "But why was no 'Decision' made at this SOBOR?"

Dr Magerovsky: "The Delegates sent a clear message to the Bishops by their RESOLUTION. Simply put, the RESOLUTION stated that the ROCOR remains exactly what it has been for the past eighty years, namely, 'independent.'

Sbn Nathanael: "Many are puzzled with regard to the notorious ACT OF CANONICAL COMMUNION. What is all the confusion about?

Left To Right: ROCOR METS Anthony Krapovitsky (ANTI M); Laurus (PRO MP); Anastassi (ANTI MP); Philaret (ANTI MP); Stalin of The MP (Like Laurus, PRO MP!)

Dr Magerovsky: "The ACT OF CANONICAL COMMUNION, allegedly prepared by the Negotiating Commissions jointly, but really only by the Moscow side, already surfaced in December 2005, in the Protocols of the Minutes of that month's sitting of the Synod of Bishops. And the minutes show a lively discussion of some of its provisions, to wit:

#1. The need to commemorate Alexy II of the MP in the Liturgy.

#2. The need to procure Moscow's agreement on the nomination and designation of ROCOR's First Hierarch and the Bishops.

#3. The need to receive the Holy Myrrh from Moscow.

Sbn Nathanael: "Was the MP, with its ACT, a driving force behind the ROCOR SOBOR?"

L-R: MP agitator; ROCOR Kirill; ROCOR Laurus; MP agitator; ROCOR Mark Of Berlin; MP agitator; Dr Magerovsky

Dr Magerovsky: "It appears so. First of all, this ACT, drafted by the MP, assumed that the union was 'sewn up' so to speak. This was evidenced by the state-controlled Russian media falsely publicizing that a union had been voted on.

~ "But the majority of the Delegates made it clear that this union was not 'sewn up.' The Bishops now had to deal with their MP ACT - with all of its incongruities with the text of the RESOLUTION - and had to save face with a large group of Delegates who were not about to march to the MP's orders!

Sbn Nathanael: "But why was this ACT so unknown?"

Dr Magerovsky: "Many of us did expect this ACT to appear at the General SOBOR. But it did not in its full text. Moreover, even the Sobor's agenda, published a week before its convening, made no mention of it. There was listed a 'Report by the Chairman of Negotiating Commission,' but no allusion to the ACT was made. This warned the astute observers that something was amiss.

Sbn Nathanael: "But how did the ACT finally appear?"

Dr Magerovsky: "The day of the Reports came on Wednesday May 10, and Rev. Alexander Lebedeff made his presentation of the negotiations' process. In the official running summary of the day there is only a passing reference to the ACT, but we know from the Delegates that Lebedeff did indeed read some of its provisions.

~ "There was a rumour that this reading was prompted by the desire of Bishop Agafangel, but it cannot be substantiated. In short, Lebedeff read the ACT but the Delegates did not get copies of it, as well as they were not permitted to make notes.

~ "It was said that the Bishops had not yet agreed on this ACT--and so it was passed off as "just working papers." Also no one has proposed that the Delegates vote on it, which was very strange, as everyone had expected that a vote would be taken on it--after all, this apparently was the reason for convening the SOBOR!

Anti MP Delegates: Prtprst Valerie Lukianov; Alexei Klimoff; Ambassodor John E. Herbst

Sbn Nathanael: "But why were the Delegates not presented this ACT by the Bishops to vote on?"

Dr Magerovsky: "There may have been three reasons for the ACT not presented to the Delegates to vote on by the Bishops.

~ "The first may have been that the ROCOR Bishops were unsure of its passage by a General SOBOR'S vote and thought that they had better prepare the ground by the vote on the RESOLUTION first - which was scheduled the same day, Wednesday May 10, but was for some reason, postponed to the next day, Thursday May 11. Besides, since they had a clear majority in the 15 or so member Council of Bishops, they may have preferred to pass the ACT there.

~ "The second reason is a substantiated rumour that the text of the ACT, received for the passage at the SOBOR from Moscow, had a 'not-agreed-to' addition to it--that made the ROCOR subservient not only to the MP's Council of Bishops, (which could have been justified by the ROCOR bishops as a 'mere ceremonial condition') - but also subservient to the MP Synod of Bishops, which would have reduced the ROCOR to no more than just another MP diocese!

~ "Indeed, at the ROCOR's Council of Bishops, which met the following week, there was a quick dispatch of the ACT back from whence it came.

~ "Thirdly, there may have been some other apparent reason for the ROCOR hierarchs to get cold feet at the General SOBOR and, unthinking about Protocols and the Rules of Order, decided to relegate the ACT to the ROCOR SOBOR of Bishops, who in turn sent the ACT back to the ROCOR Negotiating Committee, who in turn sent it back to Moscow. It all makes for a very shady business!"

To Ambassador Herbst's left in suit, Anti-MP Delegate George Federoff

Sbn Nathanael: "Since the Delegates were aware of some segments of this MP ACT -why was this ACT not alluded to in their RESOLUTION?"

Dr Magerovsky: "Somehow the ACT still resurfaced at the Sobor with its provisions being the part of the proposed 'house text' of the General SOBOR's main RESOLUTION.

~ But in an apparent repudiation of this ACT - the passed RESOLUTION did not contain any of its provisions and stated that we reaffirm all our founding documents dating back to 1921 which gives the ROCOR, to wit:

#1. An autonomous status.

#2. Subservient to no one.

#3. If the MP wishes to talk with us it will have to:

a. Leave World Council of Churches.

b. Call an All-Russian-Land Sobor, the first since 1917-18, where we will then resolve the other problems, particularly "sergianism", "ecumenism", our return to the resurrected Russian Church, and the fate of all the extant dissenting groups that developed in our church.

Sbn Nathanael: "But isn't this a clear message to the ROCOR bishops that now is *not* the time to unite?"

Dr Magerovsky: "It's as clear as the noon day sun! (Oh for a true leader to appear amongst us!) For with a RESOLUTION like this, the ROCOR bishops had no other choice but to send the ACT back to Moscow to be reworked or eliminated.

~ "The ROCOR Bishops, however, failed to agree on what will happen should an altered Document of the ACT be returned to them. The alternatives are: 1) The Synod of Bishops, the working body meeting monthly, which includes the Metropolitan, may accept and sign it; 2) The SOBOR of all the Bishops will be convened, (which includes the ANTI MP hierarchs Agafangel, Daniel, and Gabriel), to accept it; or, 3) A Fifth All-Abroad SOBOR may be convened.

~ "In case of the first two alternatives, there will be most probably be a split and a schism in the ROCOR - with the churches not joining the MP, remaining under the umbrella of an old-ROCOR-type organization.

~ "However, it would be very unwise for the Metropolitan Laurus to permit such a schism. Many are now watching the outcome of all of this very closely."

Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting
'More Magerovsky' @
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01 June 2006 @ 10:11 am
+CHURCH NEWS+ Issue June 2 2006  


Bishop Ambrose Of The Synod Of Resistors In Africa!

+CHURCH NEWS+ Issue June 2 2006

- June 2 2006: BREAKING NEWS! ANTI MP PARISHIONERS FROM ROCOR NOW SUSPECT THAT MONIES FROM THE MP may have been funneled to the ROCOR to facilitate an MP-ROCOR union.

Left: ROCOR 'priest' Holodny; Right: The unceasing wretched Mark of Berlin

~ Many from the ROCOR who suspect the ROCOR hierarchs of receiving monies from the Moscow Patriarchy are aware that Audits are a way of discovering irregular financial activity - particularly concerning the flow of monies.

# Sbn Nathanael - "Bravo! It's about time that ROCOR folks are calling their hierarchs to account! Especially for all of these obvious extravagant ROCOR expenditures on Web sites, vestments, trips back and forth to Russia, the glamourous SOBOR affair, complete with Lincoln Town Cars, etc. And I am suspicious myself that the ROCOR Synod’s financial advisor 'priest' Holodny, has been funneling MP money into Swiss Bank accounts as well!

World Conference of Religious Leaders, Moscow, 1982; MP Ecumenist Met Kirill of Smolensk with Co-Relgionist


~ The Moscow Patriarchate announced that the various religious leaders from 28 different countries at the summit will base their discussions on "their common concern for the fate of humanity and their feelings of responsibilities towards all mankind," the Patriarchate said. The subjects proposed for discussion include "World Peace;" "Economics and Poverty;"Ecology And The Evironment," and "Family and Education."

# Sbn Nathanael - "Social justice, economic equality, ecological programs--what ever happened to the Church's mission on earth to proclaim the salvation of men's souls?

~ "Will this MP-WCC conglomerate be soon called, 'THE HOUSE THAT LAURUS BUILT?' What need have we of any further witness? For we ourselves have heard from the MP's own mouthpiece, Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk, Head of the MP Department Of External Affairs. For MP Kirill stated during the 7th Assembly of the WCC in Canberra in 1991: "The World Council Of Churches is the cradle of the one church of the future." [Daily Bulletin of the 7th Assembly, Line No. 10]

~ "SHAME OF YOU MET LAURUS! The RESOLUTION of your sham Sobor censured your beloved MP for its WCC membership. Admit your error Laurus and renounce the union!"

Left: Rocor Bp Peter Lukianov; Right: OCA First Hierarch, Met Herman Swaiko

- June 2 2006: SINCE THE ELECTION OF METROPOLITAN LAURUS SKURLA IN 2000 AND THE ROCOR’S SUBSEQUENT ONGOING RAPPROCHEMENT WITH MOSCOW, signs have appeared of better relations between the New Calendarist-Ecumenist OCA and the Old Calendarist-Historically Anti-Ecumenist, ROCOR.

~ Warmly worded letters from the OCA hierarchy have been sent to the ROCOR hierarchy. Further, pilgrims from the ROCOR have visited the OCA metochion in Moscow. Recently, ROCOR Bishop Peter Lukianov met with the First Hierarch of the OCA, Metropolitan Herman, and attended an OCA Episcopal consecration in May of 2005.

# Sbn Nathanael - “Isn’t it obvious that we are now witnessing 'The New ROCOR?' The ROCOR is no longer a staunch confessor of True Orthodoxy and repudiator of the New Calendar innovationists who wish to establish a ‘one world church’ with the Latins. And as for ‘peter peter pumpkin eater,’ he is no more than Laurus’ errand boy!”


~ "Originally to be presented at the SOBOR as the 'crowning achievement' of a two-year
'negotiation process,' it quickly fizzled out when they've noticed 'incongruities' in the text received from Moscow and the text of the RESOLUTION allegedly 'agreed upon.'

~ "So it was just read--and not given to the Delegates at the SOBOR--and no vote on it was taken. Therefore, you might say, it didn't exist. Then an attempt was made to push its major provisions in the Sobor's main RESOLUTION 'concerning the reunion' which also failed

~ "So, in the final analysis, they relegated it to the Synodal Council of Bishops, held immediately after the main SOBOR.

~ "But the problem to consider now is this: Is the Synodal Council of Bishops a part of the main Sobor or is it a totally different entity? If it is a different entity, as all
indications are, then what was the main SOBOR convened for? It was billed as the place where the final union of the two churches would be voted upon. Well, it had done nothing of the sort!

~ "Beyond the usual platitudes, there has been not a meaningful word said about this 'ACT' and the SOBOR's determination with regard to it. So how they are now going 'to put lip-stick on this pig?' "
'More Magerovsky' @

# Sbn Nathanael - "We're all disgusted dear Dr Magerovsky. This SOBOR 2006 was typical fare served up by the sneaky slimy Metropolitan Laurus and the rest of his lackeys!"

Bp Ambrose surrounded by his flock in the Congo

- June 2 2006: "ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY IS ALIVE AND WELL IN AFRICA," reports the Old Calendarist Greek Jurisdiction - The Holy Synod In Resistance.

~ Bishop Ambrose, who resides at the Monastery Of Sts Cyprian and Justina in Athens Greece, oversees over 120 parishes and one convent, in Kenya, Zaire, Congo, Uganda and South Africa.

# Sbn Nathanael - "When I was at the Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Boston from 1996 to 2002, I met the Ugandan priest Dr. Joachim Kiyimba who since has left HOCNA to join the Synod of Resistors. I was favorably impressed with his humility, sincerity, and simplicity. A rare commodity in Orthodoxy these days!"

Rocor Abp Kirill on left and right; Portrait Painting is marked by arrow

- May 6 2006: "OUTRAGE!" WAS THE RESPONSE OF MANY ROCOR DELEGATES at the SOBOR 2006 in San Francisco. According to one Delegate who informed this reporter - a large, expensive portrait-painting of Abp Kirill of San Francisco was commissioned especially for the SOBOR! And of all things, the portrait was placed above all of the bishops where they deliberated.

# Sbn Nathanael -"The Indignant ROCOR Delegate Remarked To This Reporter:

~ 'In the old days, a ROCA bishop was always meek and humble...that was their strength.

~ 'Every bishop in ROCA saw the hideous portrait, and thus took good measure of the pride and egomania of Archbishop Kirill. Only an egomaniac would have his portrait hung just before the SOBOR. In the old days, his brother bishops would be ashamed of such vainglory.

~ 'Obviously, this is a source of weakness to the good archbishop, and he is easily manipulated by archbishop Mark. Whereas in the past, Kirill would have been taken to task for his vanity, he is promoted to the Joint Commission. In other words, they (the KGB-MP) know how to manipulate him, and they will get him to do anything they want him to do. To me, the promotion of Kirill to the joint commission, after such obvious overweening vanity, is clear testimony that the KGB-MP is running the whole affair.'

- June 2 2006: A NEW ORTHODOX DISCUSSION GROUP NOW HAS 100 MEMBERS! Come and join the Orthodox Discussion @

# Sbn Nathanael: "I started this ORTHODOXY OR DEATH! Discussion Group in March 2006 after being unjustly banned by 4 other Orthodox Discussion Groups simply because my posts were too truthful. And of course, 'the truth hurts!' Well, anyone who fights for the truth is going to suffer persecution and betrayals. And---I've only just begun!
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30 May 2006 @ 07:03 pm



- Sbn Nathanael Kapner: "What is your opinion of the pending union between the ROCOR and the Moscow Patriarchy?"

Konstantin Preobrazhensky: "Laurus is making a grave mistake in seeking to unite with the Moscow Patriarchy. Not only will this union of Laurus prove to be an embarassment for the ROCOR but it will mean nothing less than ROCOR's suicide."

Sbn Nathanael: "Why will the ROCOR-MP union mean suicide for the ROCOR?"

Konstantin Preobrazhensky: "For two reasons. One--the Moscow Patriarchy is not a church. The MP is no more than the Russian Federation Department Of Religion And External Affairs.

~ "Second. Russia as it has been reported in the Western media and publicly announced by the International watch-dog group FREEDOM HOUSE, is no longer a free country. Under Yeltsin Russia was relatively free. Freedom under Putin? No! There is no freedom in Russia under Putin.

~ "Russia has been moving away from the democratic West and making advances towards nations such as Turkey and Iran. We can see already that Turkey is gradually moving away from Western international policies which promotes free societies. And Putin is supporting Turkey's political policies against the West. Thus ROCOR will find itself aligned with a Russian Federation that is anti West. Many in the West will look upon this union in 5 years as treason on ROCOR's part.

Sbn Nathanael: "In what ways is Russia under Putin not free?"

Konstantin Preobrazhensky: "There is no free media in Russia under Putin now. No independent Court - no free business. Everything is now controlled by the State.

~ "The decisions of the Court are now made by the State and then dictated to the courts. Many lawyers in Russia have stopped their practices because of intimidation and threats. The Judge only listens to the accusation side.

~ "In America the Lawyer is the leading figure. Not so in Russia! In Russia the Prosecutor is the leading figure!"

Sbn Nathanael: "But isn't the ROCOR-MP union to be looked upon as a church matter and not a political one?"

Konstantin Preobrazhensky: "The ROCOR-MP union is not a religious matter at all. It is State matter! Putin wants to bring his corrupted and non democratic State into America and the West through well-placed KGB agents posing as Russian Orthodox priests. This is another reason why in 5 years the ROCOR and Laurus will be looked upon by American citizens as traitors!"

Sbn Nathanael: "Some believe that Putin is a sincere Orthodox Christian. Could they be right?"
Konstantin Preobrazhensky: "In Russia people like Putin are called cold candle holders. They don't pray in their souls.

~ "Putin is doing no more than posing before photographers and the TV cameras. This helps Puitn's image in Russia as being looked upon as one true to the Orthodox cultural inheritance of Russia. It also helps Putin's image in the West as one who practices and upholds religious freedom in Russia. And it is helping to promote Putin's and Alexy II's plan on swallowing up the ROCOR in their financed union with the ROCOR."

Sbn Nathanael: "How will the MP swallow up the ROCOR?"

Konstantin Preobrazhensky: "ROCOR as it once was will soon disappear. It is already happening before our eyes. Since ROCOR's negotiations with the MP which began 5 years ago - the ROCOR has been quite limp in putting forth a strong confession of faith.

~ "The MP, which is contolled by the KGB, is much more sophisticated than the ROCOR church. They know how to use their money, glamour, and worldwide influence.

~ "Make no mistake about it. KGB agents in cassocks will soon replace aging ROCOR priests. Many of the ANTI MP priests in the ROCOR will soon die out to be replaced by Putin's priests.

~ "I am warning the ROCOR before it's too late. To unite with the MP will be ROCOR's suicide!"

Sbn Nathanael Kapner Reporting
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29 May 2006 @ 06:31 pm



- Sbn Nathanael Kapner: “The ROCOR still may unite with the Moscow Patriarchy. Since you have lived in Moscow for 58 years, hasn’t the Moscow Patriarchy become free since the fall of communism in 1991?”

Priest Tikhon: “I feel that most people see the whole process in the wrong perspective. I would rather not call it a “union” since a union implies a voluntary merger of free parties. It is better described by the word ‘absorption.’

~ “For those who have forgotten what an insatiable glutton the former imperialist Soviet Union had been, present-day MP offers very special retro-services for USSR-nostalgic patients.

Sbn Nathanael: “But what about Vladimir Putin? Isn’t he a sincere Orthodox Christian?”

Priest Tikhon “Ha ha ha. We in Russia know better. President Putin has found in the Moscow Patriarchy a fulfillment of his hidden cravings instilled in him by his entire previous life as an Octobrist, a pioneer, a komsomolian, a commie, and ultimately, a KGB-ist.

~ “Putin’s cravings are for a totalitarian, soul-destroying system or structure, that is easy to control and easy to manipulate.

~ “There is a lot to explain here to the Western public. In a nutshell, materialists consider ideology to be a superstructure over the general materialistic principle that matter determines the mind. He who had been reared in this spin since his childhood cannot but consider the church as an instrument of the general materialistic outlook. The MP is such an instrument indeed!

~ “Actually the Church was picked up in this capacity by Stalin when the Church had been very nearly annihilated, first by Sergiy Stragorodsky’s treacherous Declaration of 1927, and then by the road-roller of the militant communist terror. Stalin picked up whatever remained of her and remodeled it in his own satanic image and likeness.

Sbn Nathanael: “But hasn’t the MP been a real Church encompassing millions of believers? How then can the MP be a “materialistic instrument” like you say it is?”

Priest Tikhon “This church-like structure has beguiled many unsuspecting, unknowing, naïve, pure seekers of truth into joining it, as though it were the Real Church having all the Grace to lead her members to salvation. And that is A BIG LIE indeed! The structure needed such pure seekers, like a shark would prey on pure little fish. It sponged on them in order to outwardly appear like a real Church.

~ “This is a pseudo-church led by an unrepentant KGB serviceman, Patriarch Alexy II, aka Drozdov, who was honored for his unrelenting service with a “gramota” (diploma). He was made a bishop during the fierce persecution of the believing people by Nikita Khrushchev who closed down two out of every three churches in Russia. During his tenure as bishop and monk, Alexy II acquired enough MP “grace” to give birth to three daughters, a miracle in its own right, don’t you think?!

~ “The spirit of this “church” stinks, yes physically. You can hardly imagine what ordeals those have who decide to leave this structure for true jurisdictions have to experience!

~ “ Some lives of saints give us a hint of how hard it is to return to the true confession after having spent even a very short time in a false church. And I can testify to this because I have seen quite a few laypeople and clergy who joined with us from MP and how they were tormented by the devil who would not let them out of his fold for any price. Very, very few have withstood, especially of the clergy. This fact alone speaks a lot.”

Sbn Nathanael: “Can you tell us who the prominent bishops are with the MP? Are some of them true confessors?”

Priest Tikhon "They are all prominent liars and materialists. But some are more prominent than others in these virtues (from an MP standpoint). May I name Metropolitans Kyrill of Smolensk, Juvenaly of Krutitsy--and Arseny the Secretary to the Patriarch.

That's MP-OPERIATIVE Rocor abp mark of berlin and Juvenaly; Kyrill of Smolensk and his WCC buddy

~ Priest Tikhon: “Each one of them has been very effective in turning MP into an anti-church, each in his own way. Kyrill - by being a faithful student of his deceased tutor, the super-ecumenist M. Nicodemus of Leningrad known to have been a high-ranking figure in the MP-KGB-JESUIT ORDER - all at one and the same time.

~ “It appears that that Kyrill of Smolensk’s major goal in life is to emulate his former guru: Tax-free tobacco and liquor imports, variegated business ventures, oil exports, shares in car manufacturing, sermoning on TV in the mornings, leadership in WCC, dating with an old-time fiancee, agitating in favor of the Soviet hymn and insignia - are all part of Kyrill of Smolensk’s daily agenda.

~ “Yuvenaly of Krutitsy is a known homosexual and sex molester and at the same time he heads the Commission for Glorification of the New Martyrs. Only the Sergianists in MP know how these two "endeavors" can be performed by one man, be he a metropolitan and full of MP-ERIAL "grace".

~ “Arseny is known for his fatherly support and tender care of those among the MP hiearchs and clergy who have scandalized themselves by being exposed as homosexuals. Being responsible for clerical positions in the Moscow area, he summons all such personalities to his Moscow See and offers them nice warm spots to live and work during these troubled periods in their lives."

Sbn Nathanael: “Many say that in spite of the problems with the MP hierarchy, still many of the clergy and parishioners are true confessors and that in time the MP in its entirety will become a true confessing church. Is this true? And does the MP now possess grace in its mysteries?”

Priest Tikhon: “Even if they had come in for true faith, now they are all fatally sick. The “incubation period” is somewhere between one and three years, depending on a person’s spiritual anamnesis.” The staunchest can stay immune for a little longer, but not much longer.

~ Priest Tikhon: “Concerning grace, our Metropolitan Vitaly spoke wide and loud that MP possesses none. He even used the phrase “Now I proclaim urbi et orbi (to the City and to the World), MP HAS NO GRACE. He said this for probably the first time in his open letter to Mark of Berlin in 1996 when he was informed about Mark’s secret dealings with MP officers.

~ “My prospects for the MP are very pessimistic and have been such ever since 1988 when I joined ROCA. This could have been different had the Church Abroad lived up to her task of bringing the true undefiled Faith back home to their long-suffering brethren in Catacombs and the believing “deposit” of the MP ”

Sbn Nathanael: “The uniates of the ROCOR defend the MP’s membership in the WCC by saying that they must protect their interests against proselytism by Rome and other intruders. What is your opinion of the MP’s participation with the WCC?”

Priest Tikhon: “As a faithful and reliable instrument of Soviet materialists, the MP entered the WCC in the sixties for the single purpose of promoting the image of the USSR as an innocent lamb.

~ “Almost nobody in the West bothered to look underneath this clothing to see the hiding wolf. They were afraid of the wolf. Wouldn’t you?

~ “Later, the WCC became a handy tool for the MP to raise monies and other forms of assistance for the allegedly suffering population of the “perestroechnaya Rossiya” (Russia of the Perestroyka period). But all of the moneys cozily settled into the clergy’s pockets (and they are real large in priests’ cassocks). Such bright guys as Metr. Kirill of Smolensk made fortunes in such like ways.

~ “Seriously, their massive participation has not been effective to divert the onslaught of Papists in Western Ukraine as well as in the entire Russian Federation. The only consideration that sobered them was their losing property and incomes. They have not been able to bring about a positive image of Orthodoxy among the world’s heterodox. Just the contrary. All in all, there’s been more shame than fame.”

Sbn Nathanael: “Since you were in the ROCOR from 1988 until 2001, what changes for the better or worse have you seen in the ROCOR since you left?”

Priest Tikhon: “With the notable exception of our Metropolitan Vitaly, most of the ROCOR people I knew have been treading down the slope spiritually. The now possible contacts with the Orthodox of Russia presented a new challenge, a new wine in fact, that they have not been able to hold. But until the Sobor of 2000 the changes had been very subtle and
barely visible.

~ Priest Tikhon: "Since then, the downfall was occurring with tempestuous speed. Laurus has betrayed the historical mission of ROCOR to stand up against the false church of Moscow, and everyone is shouting HURRAY! The King is dead, LONG LIVE THE KING! People changed stance while you were speaking to them. It is sort of a mass hysteria.

~ "I know what a mass hysteria is. When Stalin died I was 5 years old, and I remember vividly how crowds fell on their knees shedding rivers of tears and shouting Who will now take care of us, our dear leader!"

~ "Lavrites now behave very much like that unfortunate, beguiled, zombied mob, and knowing where they are heading makes you very uncomfortable inside. I am really worried about them, if only because several people who used to be my spiritual children are now in their ranks. I would spare them that."

Sbn Nathanael: “What was the reason you left the ROCOR under Laurus to join the ROCOR Jurisdiction under Vitaly in 2001?”

Priest Tikhon: “Not a single day was I under the Synod of Laurus. When I was ordained a priest I pledged allegiance to my First Hierarch who was then Metropolitan Vitaly, and I have remained faithful to him during all this time. When I had the Acts of the SOBOR of 2000 on hand, I immediately saw where they were heading, and that same night gave a sermon in my church, warning parishioners of the new tendencies among the bishops and how we will have to navigate away from the new spirit that now prevailed in ROCOR. In early 2001 I wrote a Statement on behalf of the group of Moscow clergy where we walled ourselves off from this new ROCOR Synod of robbers under Laurus.”

Sbn Nathanael: “What do you see as the future for the Orthodox Church in Russia?”

Priest Tikhon: “If we mean small True Orthodox congregations in Russia, they do have a great future with God. As for the Official Orthodox Church of Russia, it has no future at all, and hopefully will break apart as soon as Alexy Ridiger dies.”

Sbn Nathanael: “What do you envision for the future of the Church in the world?”

Priest Tikhon: “The Church in the world, if we mean by it the True Church of Christ, will gradually contract to a small, narrow circle of those who will still be able to open their mouths and invoke God.

~ “St Serafim of Sarov prophesied that time will come when the only area not given up to the rule of the Antichrist will be that delineated by a ditch formed by the precious feet of the Most Holy Theotokos who appeared to the saint and told him this. And he told us.

~ “But before that, many Jews will come back home to their Lord and Messiah, Jesus Christ. This very fact may serve to lay off the final days of this world for some period of time. But this is a mystery that in time, Christ will reveal to His Church!”

Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting
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28 May 2006 @ 03:41 am



- THE DATE WAS MARCH 31 1970. THE OCA (known then as the 'Metropolia'), worked out a deal with the Moscow Patriarchy. If the MP would only grant the OCA 'autocephaly'- then the OCA would surrender its Mission Diocese in Japan to the MP - the MP granting the fledgling Japanese church 'autonomy.' But this 'autonomy' was nothing less than total submission to the KGB hierarchy of the MP! SHAME ON YOU OCA! SHAME ON YOU!


Fatso boys Lebedeff & Jordanville Seminary Dean Luke; 'Madame' Laurus The Benedict Arnold Of ROCOR!; Sweetie boy with fashionable Jesus prayer rope around his delicate finger, Archbiship Kirill Of San Franciscalla!

(Does This Sound Familiar Dear Madame Laurus You Miserable Wretch?)

1. The Metropolitan of Japan, the Head of the Japanese Autonomous Church, is elected by a Local Council of the Japanese Church and is then confirmed by the Head of the Autocephalous Mother Church, His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow.

2. If he who is elected Metropolitan does not have the rank of bishop, then his ordination is performed by His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow or by his representatives in Tokyo, together, naturally, with the other Japanese bishops.

3. In case the candidate elected Head by the Holy Orthodox Autonomous Japanese Church should not possess and confess the Orthodox faith or his life and activity should contradict the holy canons, he need not be confirmed by his Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and the Japanese Church must select another candidate.

4. The Metropolitan of Japan shall inform His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow of the opening of new dioceses as well as the election of new bishops together with biographical information on them.

5. In the event His Eminence the Metropolitan of All Japan, should be accused of having infringed the dogmas of the Orthodox faith or the holy canons, the investigation of his case shall take place at a Local Council of the Japanese Church in the prescence of a representative or representatives of the Patriarch of Moscow. The Patriarch will then confirm the decision of the Local Council on this matter.

6. The highest court of appeals belongs to His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, and the bishops, clerics and laity of the Autonomous Japanese Church must address him as a court of final instance.

7. The Holy Chrism of the Holy Orthodox Autonomous Japanese Church must be received from His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

8. The Patriarchal metochian (embassy church) in Japan shall be outside the jurisdiction of the Autonomous Japanese Church. The head and clergy of the metochian shall be assigned by the Patriarch of Moscow. If it shall be necessary, the Metropolitan of all Japan shall assist as much as possible the arrival in Japan of clerics of the Patriarchal metochion assigned by His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

9. The decisions fo the Local Councils of the Autonomous Japanese Church are sent to His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia for his knowledge.

10. His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia can address the Holy Orthodox Autonomous Japanese Church with pastoral epistles.
[From The Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate,1970, #5, pp.9-10]
MORE COMMENTARY: 'More Magerovsky' @


Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting

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25 May 2006 @ 04:58 pm
+CHURCH NEWS+ Issue May 26 2006  

+CHURCH NEWS+ Issue May 26 2006

May 22 2006: BREAKING NEWS! EXCOMMUNICATED ROAC ‘ABP’ GREGORY OF DORMITION SKETE in Colorado announced - “This past Sunday, Antonio Rodriguez from the Dominican Republic was ordained to the holy priesthood.

~ “Father Anthony was received into our Church over a year ago. We pray that this may be the beginning of the spread of true Orthodoxy in Latin America.”

# Sbn Nathanael Kapner: “In 2002, even after being warned, Gregory added a child molester, ‘Fr Savvas’ Ross,’ to his roster of 'priests.' Only under much pressure did Gregory finally, (albeit reluctantly), relieve Ross this past November of 2005. Now Gregory must scrape and scrounge to find someone to make a priest? 'True Orthodoxy' at its worst!
More On Gregory’s Cult @

Antiochian Met Phillip Saliba is unhappy about the JP in America; Abp Damaskinos at St Lawrence Church in California

May 25 2006: ON HIS WAY HOME AFTER 3 WEEKS IN THE USA! His Eminence Damaskinos, Jerusalem Patriarchate Archbishop of Jaffa and Arimathea, just completed a three week pastoral visit to the US.

~ Archbishop Damaskinos, who is Patriarch Theophilos’ representative for the JP’s American parishes, has been under criticism from the Antiochian Arch Diocese for allegedly ‘intruding’ on the Antiochian’s Jurisdictional territory.
For More On The JP In America See:

# Sbn Nathanael: “The Antiochians are criticizing Abp Damaskinos? Why the JP is growing by leaps in bounds here in America! Politics, politics, politics. Don’t you just hate Church politics?”

May 25 2006: BREAKING NEWS FROM DR MAGEROVSKY: “Germany’s Abp Mark, a unification hot-head, tried once again to put lipstick on a pig by a statement to ITAR-TASS on May 22 that 'all is well in the unification process,' that 'the Council of Bishops has spoken out for the speedy unification,' and that 'it is going to happen very soon.' When pressed on the anticipated date, however, Mark said that certainly before the next Council of Bishops. Well, these usually occur from 3 1/2 to 4 years after the last one which has just concluded.

~ “While Bp Agafangel reports that the questions posed to Moscow were such that their removal would entail much re-working of their nebulous ACT OF CANONIC COMMUNION, as the SOBOR has indirectly stated several requirements that need to be met by it first. Whether they could be met in three to four years is an open question. So no matter how you look at this, the task seems formidable.

~ “Abp Mark seems to have repeated the chorus of the proto-Soviet news media that seem not to have gotten rid of a nasty Soviet habit of writing not what is, but what they are told to write Therefore, the RESOLUTION of the Sobor, very "anti-union" in its ostensible meaning, came through in post-Soviet press, as if union has been achieved, and so on and on.

~ “But union has not been achieved! For now it looks like the union is dead. However, we still have much work to do. Now we get rid of the pro-unionists: Mark, Kirill, Hilarion, Lebedeff, Perekrestov, Gan, Holodny, Potapov, and Larin. Yes - get rid of them all!”

# Sbn Nathanael: Indeed Dr Magerovsky. Let’s work together through our world-wide Internet audience to get rid of these bums!”
'More Magerovsky' @

May 26 2006: BROTHER NATHANAEL WILL BE LEAVING FOR THE HOLY LAND at the end of August 2006. Brother Nathanael will be taking his large Cross, and will blaze across the Holy Land holding it high for both Jews and Arabs to see!

# Sbn Nathanael: “Brother Nathanael is calling his trip, 'a new peace process.' Please help fund Sbn Nathanael’s trip by contacting him at Thank you in advance!”

May 26 2006: “THE SEIZURE OF ROCOR PROPERTIES is one of the main goals of the unification with the ROCOR by the Moscow Patriarchy,” warns EX KGB Lieutenant Konstantin Preobrazhensky.

~ “We should not forget that the Russian Federation is now governed by the KGB and the Russian mafia – the so-called ‘St Petersburg Group.’ This group is a mixture of KGB and mafia Professionals,” Preobrazhensky continued.

~ “Why do I call them ‘mafia?’ Because they take properties from private companies and make them their own. Recently the world witnessed the seizure of the privately owned YUKOS oil company, chaired by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who was arrested by Putin on a trumped up charge of ‘tax evasion.’

~ “The property of Khodorkovsky was not given to the state – it was grabbed by Putin and his friends. The same will be done to the ROCOR properties. Many do not realize that all Russian Real Estate abroad is owned by the Russian Presidential Administration, that is, Putin personally.

~ "The ROCOR parishes will have no method to stop the seizure of their properties by the MP. For the KGB is much more sophisticated than they are. The KGB will justify their seizures by saying, If you acknowledge Alexy II as your head in one aspect, you automatically acknowledge the MP as your Administrator as well. It will be only a matter of time before the choice properties of the ROCOR will be in the hands of the Russian Federation.

# Sbn Nathanael: “I said as much during my protest outside of the doors of the Cathedral yelling out, “The relics of St John Of San Francisco will soon be in the paws of Alexy II’s dog!’”
More On Khodorkovsky AT:

May 26 2006: IS ROCOR BISHOP GABRIEL ABOUT TO GET THE AX?” many Anti MP Delegates are now asking themselves.

# Sbn Nathanael: “The wretched MP puppet, Abp Hilarion of Australia, has been appointed by his bosses as Abp of Washington D.C. and Florida. And will be based at SYNOD headquarters in New York City.

~ "Now what is going to happen to Bishop Gabriel? Many are now saying that Bishop Gabriel, (whose brother, priest Nikita Chemodakov of Australia, is ANTI MP), is about to be sent to the land of the kangaroos! Why? ‘Because,’ it is being said, ‘Bishop Gabriel will not jump into bed with Madame Laurus and his lover, Alexy II!'”

- May 26 2006: THE NEW ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN DISCUSSION GROUP "ORTHODOXY OR DEATH!" now boasts of nearly 100 members since its inception in mid March 2006.

# Sbn Nathanael: "I am so pleased with our very serious discussions. All the latest news of the SOBOR and commentary are posted by Dr Magerovsky & EX KGB K Preobrazhensky first! on ‘ORTHODOXY OR DEATH!’ Discussion Group.
Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting
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24 May 2006 @ 06:49 pm


ABOVE: 'Hit-Man' Bp Michael Donzkoff (just nasty!); Bp Agafangel Of The Ukraine (ANTI MP); Lavr's Lover & Errand Boy, Bp Peter Lukianov


DR EUGENE L MAGEROVSKY: "From the REPORT BY BISHOP AGAFANGEL to his Ukrainian flock, we can gather that the discussion, at times quite heated, was about the "ACT OF 'CANONIC' COMMUNION.

~ "This Document," bishop Agafangel stresses, "was deemed so confidential, that it could not be presented in full at the SOBOR and was remanded to the ROCOR Negotiating Commission, to renegotiate with Moscow." (Bishop Agafangel told his flock that he was not permitted to divulge the full contents of the ACT)

~ "We believe this concerns the question of the contradictions between the MP 'ACT' and the main RESOLUTION passed by the IVth Sobor. There were also questions of some new wording added to it in the version that was to be presented to the SOBOR.

~ "Finally, there is a question of what will happen to the 'ACT' once it is returned to ROCOR. The bishops did not pass on that. Therefore all published statements that the SYNOD will decide in the final analysis are wrong. Probably it will be again the Sobor or the Council of Bishops that will decide."


"The MP's 'ACT OF CANONICAL COMMUNION' was read at the SOBOR but not accepted by the delegates, as no mention of it is made in the RESOLUTION.

~ "There are 2 problems with this ACT which makes it problematic and highly questionable. First, it is contrary to the RESOLUTION which calls for our independence. To commemorate Alexy II flies in the face of the RESOLUTION'S Statement which confirms our independence.

~ "Second, if the MP has its way with this ACT,( which I doubt will occur), then the MP will most likely insist that Bishop Gabriel of Manhatten should be re-appointed--arguing that the MP has its own bishop in Manhatten NY, namely a Bishop Mercury.

~ "Thus it is certainly not at all final that this ACT will be accepted by the ROCOR bishops - as there is growing opposition against it."

Mark with the known KGB agent MP Bp Juvenaly; Priest Gan, Lavr's secretary, serving in a MP Church in NY--with Soviet MP sympathizer priest, Archimandrite Luke, Dean Of Jordanville Seminary, and Soviet MP sympathizer seminarian. See comments below


Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting
'More Magerovsky' @
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23 May 2006 @ 08:44 pm


Defrocked ROAC 'Nun' Martha Senina, now 'nun' Kassia; Internet Publicist Vladimir Moss; Defrocked ROAC Gregory Lourie Proponent Of The Heresy, "Name-Worshipping"



EXCERPT: "On May 22, Igumen Gregory Lourie, who was defrocked for heresy by the ROAC Synod in September, 2005, issued a memorandum entitled:
Half a Year without a Synod.

~ "In it Lourie speaks about a 'de facto cessation of the activity of the Hierarchical Synod of ROAC', its 'paralysis', caused by Met Valentine's self-withdrawal from Ecclesiastical affairs, and leading to a situation in which 'each diocese and many parishes have de facto passed over to autonomous administration.'

~ "...And now Lourie has made his move to take control of the Church. The memorandum is clearly a call to arms, to convene a Sobor at which Valentine will be retired, his successor named, and Lourie reinstated.

~ "This successor will almost certainly be Archbishop Theodore, the present number two in the hierarchy, a man who appears to sympathise with the name-worshippers. With Theodore as Metropolitan, real power will remain in the hands of Lourie."



"Mr. Moss is not a member of our Church. He is free to make whatever comments he likes. However, I do not agree with his assessment of the situation in all of its points.

~ "Our bishops elected Metropolitan Valentine to be their President because they agree with his views and the way he leads our Church.

~ "After Vladyka Metropolitan's recent violent attack against his person, and the decline of his health, he requested his fellow bishops to choose another as Metropolitan.

~ "However, the other bishops declined to do so and asked him to remain in his position, in spite of the state of his health. I would like to know why Mr. Moss, Monk Gregory and their admirers see the unanimity of our bishops as their weakness, or as their "rubber stamping" of Metropolitan Valentine's decisions!

ROAC'S Catacomb Bishop Anthony; Met Valentine; Bishop Timothy; (11 ROAC Bishops In All)

~ "Are they looking to find trouble where none exists? What kind of spirit does this show? It seems to me that they are preoccupied with appearing to be intellectually superior to the bishops or with impressing their readers with their 'vast experience' and 'knowledge.' This seems to me to be a kind of pridefulness or vanity; a kind of attention or glory seeking.

~ "Monk Gregory Louriye has been deposed by the unanimous decision of our bishops. Monk Gregory is in disobedience to his superiors in that he continues to serve as a priest even though he has been deposed.

~ "Monk Louriye's "sacraments" are invalid and a blasphemous sin. Those who receive them are harmed by them. He is in no position to make a "coup." Other than about 30 or so followers, no one takes stock of his opinions.

~ "I would caution anyone to stay clear of Monk Gregory, his teachings and opinions. Good fruit does not come from a bad tree, nor bad fruit from a good tree."

Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting
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22 May 2006 @ 11:51 am

21 May 2006 @ 06:06 am


Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner: "What happened at this SOBOR?"

Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky (ROCOR): "This SOBOR was more like an UNSOBOR Everyone was expecting a vote to be cast (and consonant with the will of the delegates)--which typically does occur at Sobors. Not this one!"

Sbn Nathanael: "Why not?"

Dr Magerovsky: "There seems to have been an intelligence behind the workings of this SOBOR. No doubt it was the conniving mind of Mark of Berlin. Everything was done piecemeal - in increments. In other words, this SOBOR ended up being like a death in a thousand pieces!"

Sbn Nathanael: "Can you tell us about this ACT OF CANONICAL COMMUNION?"

Dr Magerovsky: "As I recall, this ACT was read on Wednesday May 10 by Lebedeff, the Secretary of the ROCOR Joint Negotiating Committee with the Moscow Patriarchy. Thus this ACT was presented before the RESOLUTION was drawn up and everything was going according to their plan. Then came the RESOLUTION affirming that the ROCOR was to remain a self-governing and independent body. [SEE an authoritative comment #1 below in comment section]

~ "Now in some secretive and sneaky fashion, which many ROCOR clergy, delegates, and parishioners are now resenting--yes! there is a growing resentment--this ACT is not available in written form! We are being fed snippets, bits and pieces--very typical of Bolshevik tactics!"

Sbn Nathanael: "What then do we know about this ACT?"

Dr Magerovsky: "What we do know about this ACT is that it originated with the the Moscow Patriarchy's head, Alexy II.

~ "The ACT calls for the Commemoration of the name of Alexy II at the Divine Liturgy--a thing which many ROCOR priests and delegates have already opposed.

~ "Secondly, the ACT confers the final decision of the appointments of our bishops--including our First Hierarch--upon the Moscow Patriarchy. Thus we will indeed lose our independence--contrary to the Statement of the RESOLUTION!"

The wicked 'hit man' bp Michael Donzkoff; 'conniving mind' abp mark of berlin;
Wretched Rocor traitor, Lebedeff

Sbn Nathanael: "Why is the ACT contrary to the RESOLUTION?"

Dr Magerovsky: "The incongruity between the ACT and the RESOLUTION puts this SOBOR on its hind legs! There is a real problem between the text of the RESOLUTION and the ACT--the one excludes the other.

~ "If we are truly independent, as the RESOLUTION affirms, we do not get bishops appointed by the MP. And we do not need to commemorate anybody else besides our own First Hierarch!"

Sbn Nathanael: "What is going to happen next?"

Dr Magerovsky: "First of all, there is the question of what the ROCOR bishops were asking of the MP when they sent the ACT back to the Negotiating Committees. The ROCOR bishops were most likely asking the MP to resolve the incongruity between their ACT and the SOBOR's RESOLUTION.

~ "The second question is that the MP may not agree to anything that smacks of our independence in practice. The MP's ACT may be sent back granting lip service to our independence as the RESOLUTION calls for, but no more than that.

~ "Now we wait for the MP to return their ACT back to us. If Laurus and his bishops agree--
Then There Is A Schism!"

Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting
'More Magerovsky' @
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19 May 2006 @ 09:21 pm



DR E.L. MAGEROVSKY (ROCOR) REPORTS! "Tuesday MAY 9th 2006 marked a turning point of the SOBOR.

~ "Delegate Fr Victor Dobrov who serves at SYNOD in NY, announced that the Moscow Patriarchy signed a World Council Of Churches' 9th Assembly JOINT STATEMEMT in Porto Alegre, Brazil, February 2006, acknowledging as valid the sacraments of the Roman Catholics and the Protestants. [SEE:]

~ "Suddenly shouts began to ring out in disgust from the Delegates! Thus the ROCOR Bishops cancelled a scheduled presentation of the MP's 'ACT OF CANONICAL COMMUNION to be given by Lebedeff that afternoon. This presentation by Lebedeff was then rescheduled for Thursday May 11 2006--the bishops hoping that the outrage would die down."

Center-MP K. With Roman Friends; Right MP Alexy II With Roman Friend

~ "Now we have the final EPISTLE of the ROCOR Council of Bishops. [SEE:

~ "The Final Epistle of the ROCOR Council of Bishops smacks of trying to put lipstick on a pig.

~ "For the ROCOR Bishops are stating that questions remain with regard to the MP's ACT OF CANONICAL COMMUNION. In light of these questions' the ROCOR Bishops are sending this ACT back to the ROCOR's side of the Commission asking them in turn to send it back to the MP's side of the Commission!

~ "Thus the SYNOD has not decided anything whatsoever. They only decided to send the ACT back in round-robin fashion.

~ "The joke of it all is that we do not know exactly what this ACT states. Nor do we know exactly what the ROCOR Bishops are opposing! Is this more Soviet-style ambiguity?
[Stay tuned with Dr. Magerovsky @]


"The Unification is not a church matter. It is an Intelligence matter. The MP church is only a cover for the KGB and Putin, who runs the KGB. Unfortunately this comes from both sides as there are KGB recruits working for the MP inside the ROCOR.

~ "The same can be said about the Moscow Patriarchate's membership in the World Council Of Churhes. The MP entered the WCC in the early 1960's during the peak of Krushchev's purges of the churches in Russia.

~ "So we can clearly see that the Moscow Patriarchate was being controlled by Krushchev at the time of their entering into the WCC. The MP entrance into the WCC was a KGB action to promote a positive image of Russia in the West as well as to infiltrate and affect Western democratic thought.

~ "It is just the same as what Putin is doing now in his State-controlled church, the MP. It is ridiculous to criticize the MP for religious issues. The issue is that the Moscow Patriarchate is not a church. The MP is simply a department of the KGB!"

Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting
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18 May 2006 @ 07:02 am
+CHURCH NEWS+ Issue May 19 2006  


+CHURCH NEWS+ Issue May 12 2006

BACK ROW, Left to Right: Protopriest Nicholas Semyonov [Brussels]; Bishop Victor [South Russia]; Bishop Anthony [Moldavia and Western Europe]; Bishop Anastasy [Vladiovstok and the Far East]; Mitred Protopriest Benjamin Joukoff [Paris, France/Secretary Of The Synod].
FRONT ROW, Left To Right: Bishop Vladimir [San Francisco and Western US]; Archbishop Sergei (Kindjakov) [Montreal and Eastern US]; Metropolitan Vitaly (Ustinov); Archbishop Anthony (Orlov) [Los Angelos and South America]; Bishop Bartholomew [Edmonton and Western Canada].

- May 19 2006: BREAKING NEWS! FOUR NEW MEMBERS HAVE COME OVER FROM ROCOR-L TO THE ROCiE in disgust with ROCOR-L's unia intentions with the Moscow Patriarchy. ROCiE Bishops are now hearing from many other dissatisfied ROCOR-L clergy and parishioners as well.

# Sbn Nathanael: "These 4 new members that have joined the ROCiE are from Seattle Washington, whose bishop is Bartholomew out of Alberta Canada. And there are plenty of ROCiE Bishops to choose from - all over the world!"

- May 18 2006: DR E L MAGEROVSKY REPORTS - "THE ROCOR COUNCIL MEETINGS OF ALL THE BISHOPS ENDED AT NOON TODAY-- immediately followed by a meeting of the SYNOD. The SYNOD, which is made up of only 5 bishops--Lavr, Mark of Belin, Michael Donzkoff, Gabriel and Kirill--will meet through Friday May 19 2006.

~ "I am uncertain what the 5 bishops on the SYNOD will decide. However, if enough pressure is put on them by Bishops Agafangel and Daniel, as well as by the 80+ ANTI MP Delegates, then the SYNOD will hopefully decide against a merger with the MP."

# Sbn Nathanael: "Forget it Dr. Magerovsky. It's all over. Domkoff is a hit-man. Lauru$ has been bought. Mark is not an Orthodox Christian. (A Lutheran who has never been baptized.) Gabriel is a patsy. And Kirill? He loves the high life!"

Olga Matrenina prior to her recent tonsure as "Nun Xenia."

- May 19 2006: "WE PREDICTED IT LONG AGO!" HOCNA FR. PANTELEIMON OF HOLY TRANSFIGURATION MONASTERY recently told this reporter. "We warned everyone that the ROCOR would unite with the Russian state-led MP church but few would listen to us. Now the union is occurring and still no one cares!" Fr Panteleimon remarked.

# Sbn Nathanael: "Was it back in 1986 that Fr Panteleimon uttered his prophetic oracle? For in 1986 many claim that Fr Panteleimon went into schism with the ROCOR. But many in HOCNA vehemently defend Fr Panteleimon & HTM's decision to leave the ROCOR back in 1896. Will it all come out in the wash?"

- May 19 2006: THE FASTEST GROWING ORTHODOX JUSISDICTION IN THE USA! The Jerusalem Patriarchate, with Arab Christians and many converts, began its expansion into the United States with only one parish in the late 1990's. The JP now boasts of over 30 parishes and two monasteries thoughout America.

# Sbn Nathanael: "Wow! That's astounding. This reporter has spoken with more than a few clergy and parishioners of the Jerusalem Patriarchate and has found them sincere, fervent, and rarin' to go!"

- May 19 2006: JUST IN FROM RUSSIA! ROCiE'S MOSCOW PRIEST FR TIKHON KOZUSHIN REPORTS - "Communion between the MP and ROCOR was established in 1993 when Abp Mark of Berlin met with Alexis II without the knowledge of the First Hierarch Vitaly.

~ "In 1998 the MP built a villa-metoche for Laurus near Moscow which was completed in 2001."

# Sbn Nathanael: "Fancy-fancy. Now Laurus must dancy-dancy!"

- May 19 2006: BROTHER NATHANAEL KAPNER WILL SOON BE TAKING HIS STREET MINISTRY TO THE HOLY LAND, Brother Nathanael told this reporter this morning. Brother Nathanael is now requesting support for his outreach to Jews and Arabs for Christ and Orthodoxy, which he calls, a new peace process.

# Sbn Nathanael Kapner: "Bravo dear Brother Nathanael Kapner! We're behind you all the way. If any can help Brother Nathanael for his new peace process in the Middle East scheduled for this fall, please write to: MANY THANKS IN ADVANCE!"

CORRECTION. A comment below reads: "That picture is of Mother Martha the excommunicated nun, not Mother Xenia who has not been excommunicated." CORRECTED PICTURE *BELOW

- May 19 2006: "WILL ROAC'S RUSSIAN NUN XENIA REPUDIATE ROAC'S RUSSIAN IGUMEN GREGORY LOURIE'S NAME WORSHIPPING HERESY?" many ROAC faithful are now asking themselves. Nun Xenia, who was recently tonsured, (Olga Matrenina was her former name), is not only known for her journalism skills, but runs many WEB sites as well.

# Sbn Nathanael: "Well she's also kinda cute is she not? Kinda chubby...but most nuns are these days. Monks too! But Nun Xenia can do much good for the ROAC if she renounces Gregory Lourie's and Nun Martha Senina's new WEB SITE @ For imiaslavie is all about the name-worshipping heresy. C'mon Nun Xenia--you can do it, we're counting on you!"

May 8 2006: OVERHEARD AT SOBOR 2006! DELEGATE FROM TORONTO GEORGE SKOK was overheard commenting to a fellow delegate saying, "Why do the priests and parishioners who left the ROCOR throw stones at us continually? What business is it of theirs what our bishops now deliberate on?

~ "For if those who left us really cared for our Church they would have stayed and joined those who have been working from within for the good of the ROCOR!"

# Sbn Nathanael: "Hmmm. Food for thought dear delegate George Skok. But I have a feeling many of those who left you might have a very different opinion! Anyone care to comment below?"

- May 19 2006: THE NEW ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN DISCUSSION GROUP "ORTHODOXY OR DEATH!" now boasts of nearly 100 members since its inception in mid March 2006.

Sbn Nathanael: "I am so pleased with our very serious discussions. Recently Archpriest Joseph Sunderland of the GOC posted a major treatise, analyzing the RESOLUTION of the ROCOR SOBOR. Within hours, this posting on "ORTHODOXY OR DEATH!" Discussion Group, was broadcasted all over the World Wide Web. COME & JOIN THE DISCUSSION @!

>+CHURCH NEWS+ ©2006
(also kinda cute...)
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18 May 2006 @ 05:41 am
SOBOR 2006 UPDATE! May 18 2006  


- "Apparently, this is what happened. We thought that the "Act Of Canonical Communion" had been cast aside last Tuesday at the Sobor.

~ "However, nothing of the sort happened. That is why the "uniates" were walking around smiling. They knew that after non-acceptance of the "Act" at the Sobor, they would take it to the Council of Bishops where it apparently had more than a chance of passing.

~ "Indeed, the Council of Bishops passed the Sobor's Resolutions and Epistles, and then turned to the Moscow's "Act of canonic communion" which we have forgotten. Apparently, they planned this all along.

~ "The "ACT" provides for commemorating the name of Alexis II at Divine Liturgy, accepting holy myrh from Moscow and passing on the appointment of our prelate and the bishops by the MP. By accepting it we would indirectly recognize MP as a canonic Church and our Mother-Church, and enter with it into a schism; we would give the right to pass on our appointments to schismatics; we would receive myrh from schismatics; we would commemorate "comrade Drozdov", an unrepentant schismatic.

~ "The Bishop's plan had been to make some comments and return the "ACT" to the Negotiating Commission which, after making changes, would return it to Council of Bishops for its approval. If approved, it would then go to the Synod and evenually to Metrop. Lavr for his signature. Once he signs it, it goes into effect. Right now there is a dispute among bishops.

~ "One group which is pro-union, would like it to return not to the Council of Bishops, but directly to the Synod and then to Met. Lavr. This obviates the need of all bishops participating in the vote again. The other group which is anti-union, would like it to return to the Council of Bishops, hoping that they would be able to kill it there.

~ "It is anticipated that no matter what the outcome of the current dispute is, eventually the "ACT" will pass and be signed by Lavr. That will mean the "Act" will sooner or later go into effect. This then may mean an inevitable schism in our church. So, as things look now, sooner or later there will be a schism, provided something unforeseen does not happen.

~ "This is very unfortunate, especially since the bishops themselves seem to be the cause of it all. This is my understanding of the current situation."
Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky (ROCOR)

Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting
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17 May 2006 @ 01:44 pm



-DR EUGENE L.MAGEROVSKY: "Well, it happened, we have truly won!

~ "As it properly should have, the Council of Bishops has accepted without change all the Resolutions and Epistles of the Sobor.

~ "Now our task is to assure this victory and get rid of all the hangers-on to the "unia" idea, such as Abp Mark, Abp Cyrill, Abp Ilarion, Prot. Gan, Holodny, Lebedeff, Perekrestov, Potapov and Larin.

~ "There may be also some others. Some protopriests can be retained in their parish-clergy capacity, if they wish to continue to minister to their flocks, but be totally removed from any influential positions of power. It may also be the time to think of letting Vladyka Lavr take his well-earned rest and try appointing someone who will take true cognizance of our illustrious past, as well as see clearly into the future.

~ "So our battle is not over, it is merely just beginning. The only question is, are we up to it?"
Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky (ROCOR)
Subdeacon Nathanel Kapner Reporting
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16 May 2006 @ 08:11 pm
“VOTE NO! ”  



Sbn Nathanael Kapner “What are the issues surrounding the vote this week by the ROCOR bishops?

Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky: “There are four serious issues with regard to a
‘eucharistic communion’ with the Moscow Patriarchy.

~ “First. The ROCOR can never be considered an *autocephalous* church entity - with its own head - with the right to independence. Therefore the ROCOR cannot enter into a 'eucharistic communion’ with the Moscow Patriarchy as equals. If the ROCOR does so--then it goes into schism.

~ “This is because the ROCOR was established on the basis of Patriarch Tikhon’s UKAZ #362 - which assumes that the ROCOR is *part* of the true church in Russia, not an equal of the true church in Russia.

~ “Second. Another way of entering into ‘eucharistic communion’ with the Moscow Patriarchy would be if both the MP and the ROCOR were under the same head, Patriarch Alexy II - the present head of the MP.

~ “But we technically do not recognize either the MP church or its head – and we also cannot commemorate Alexy II, for reasons already stated. That is, Alexy II being a known KGB agent, as well as him being the head of an artificial church.

~ “Third. The issue remains that the MP continues to this day as a sergianist institution, controlled by the state - and not a true church. For a ‘eucharistic communion’ can only be with a true church. As I have stated time and time again, the MP is a false church!

~ “Fourth. The issue of the MP’s involvement in the World Council of Churches is problematic to say the least. This issue of the MP in the WCC is a roadblock to ‘eucharistic communion’ because of the anathema against ecumenism
proclaimed by the ROCOR in 1983, under Metropolitan Philaret of holy memory.

~ “Finally, UKAZ #362 states that if communications are lost between the mother church and outlying churches, the outlying churches are to govern apart - until communications are re-established.

~ “Thus once communications *are* reestablished, the entity operating under UKAZ # 362, is to rejoin the mother church. That is - if that mother church exists!

Sbn Nathanael: “In conclusion - how do you think the Bishop’s will vote this week?

Dr. E.L. Magerovsky: “Let me tell you how the ROCOR bishops should vote this week. The ROCOR bishops should suspend all negotiations with the Moscow Patriarchy until it repents. In other words -
The ROCOR Bishops Should Vote ‘NO!’

Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting

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15 May 2006 @ 03:06 pm




~ Bishop Daniel is against the union, as stated in his INTERVIEW at this site @

~ Bishop Alyppy, as I have learned, was threatened with a monastic-exile by Protopriest Alexander Lebedeff if he does not vote "yes" for the union. (The Bishops Are Slated To Meet Until May 19 2006, this Friday)

~ Many have told me, including ROCOR Priest Fr Serge Klestov, that the ROCOR has invested too much (and the MP-LUKOIL-PUTIN consortiums' investment as well), to back out of a union now. For the union has already taken place with all of the concelebrations, (SEE LAURUS & ALEXY ABOVE), and all of the greetings and intervisits.



# [I ROAC Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner made contact with Vladyka Valentine who is now in New York with ROAC Administrator Archimandrite Fr Andrei (Maklakov)

Here is Vladyka Valentine's comment on the ROCOR SOBOR of 2006:

Metropolitan Valentine: "First of all, we have been fighting the Moscow Patriarchate since the early ninetees in Russia--first as the FROC, (Free Russian Orthodox Church), and then later as the ROAC. (Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church.)

~ "Now that the MP has finally crushed the ROCOR, thanks to the work of Archbishop Mark of Berlin, who has collaborated with the MP since the early ninetees, the Moscow Patriarchate is intensifying its efforts to destroy the ROAC Church, with our nearly 300 parishes in Russia. Since we the ROAC are the largest Church entity that takes a stand against the MP, we are being targeted.

~ "And the MP wishes to destroy me as well. For the MP believes that if they can destroy me, whether through physical harm; seizure of our ROAC properties by re-registrations into their name; or slander; -then the entire ROAC will fall apart. But of course--they are very much in error in their thinking as we have many priests and bishops.

~ "But we hope in God's protection. We have anathamatized the sergianist MP. (*See 'Comments' Below) We have risked much--even our own lives, in taking a bold stand against the MP in Russia.

~ "As regards the current ROCOR SOBOR now taking place--it is a shame that the ROCOR has to go down this way. For the ROCOR is now finished!"

(Gregory of Dormition Skete in Colorado was **excommunicated** by the ROAC in the summer of 2004)

Above: Soviet Nikita Kruschev; St Joseph Of Petrograd-Murdered by the Soviets

Rector of St Joseph Of Petrograd; Portland Oregon (GOC-MAKARIOS)
[Fr Joseph left the ROCOR in 2001 for their unia intentions]


Fr Joseph Sunderland: "The RESOLUTION reads as a true Soviet document, filled with double-speak and outright untruths.

~ "The first paragraph, quickly betrays its Soviet basis when it confesses complete trust in the First Hierarch, Metropolitan Laurus.

~ "Those in the ROCOR who oppose submission to the soviet church must have qualms when they recall how Met Laurus and his delegation stood obediently respectful and silent as Patriarch Alexey served a panyhida for Met. Sergius and launched into a panegyric about the heroic struggle Met. Sergius gave to save the Russian Church...

~ "...The second paragraph continues in what has become standard soviet-speak for the ROCOR when it expresses “resoluteness to heal the wounds of division within the Russian Church—between her parts in the Fatherland and abroad,” referring to the MP as the part in the Fatherland. Had they left the clause after the hyphen out, it would have reflected the traditional stand of the ROCOR through the first seventy years of Her existence.

~ "But beginning in the 1990’s and especially after the October, 2000 Sobor, the conscious attempt to redefine Stalin’s creation of the Moscow Patriarchate as the Russian Church in Russia became ubiquitous. Long gone are the historical conditions and requirements made by previous Councils of Bishops of the ROCOR...

~ "...Anyone hoping that the ROCOR will remain true to Her historic mission must lament the IVth All-Diaspora Council burying even the memory of that mission. This RESOLUTION points the new face of the ROCOR forward into the maw of the soviet church against which She stood for decades."

Archpriest Joseph Sunderland
Sunday of the Paralytic
1/14 May 2006

Subdeacon Nathanael Kapner Reporting
AND: ]

Some Thoughts on the Resolution of the IVth All-Diaspora Council of the ROCOR.

"The Resolution of the IVth All-Diaspora Council of the ROCOR regarding its submission to the Moscow Patriarchate reads as a true Soviet document, filled with double-speak and outright untruths. The first paragraph, which begins as a typical boilerplate ecclesiastical statement, quickly betrays its Soviet basis when it confesses complete trust in the First Hierarch, Metropolitan Laurus.

~ "Those in the ROCOR who oppose submission to the soviet church must have qualms when they recall, among other things, how he and his delegation stood obediently respectful and silent as Patriarch Alexey served a panyhida for Met. Sergius and launched into a panegyric about the heroic struggle Met. Sergius gave to save the Russian Church.

~ "Worse yet, the first paragraph slyly compels all delegates to “attest that as loyal children of the Holy Church, we shall submit to Divine will and obey the decisions of the forthcoming Council of Bishops. Any delegate who subsequently leaves the ROCOR, finding the Council of Bishops submits to the soviet church, forswears himself as an oath-breaker, which is a grievous sin, for the meaning of attest is to certify by oath or signature.(Webster's New World Dictionary). And further, he will proclaim himself opposed to the Divine will.

~ "In typical soviet fashion, the Resolution in the second paragraph redefines the word unanimousto mean 129 votes for, 6 against (Day 4 of the IV All-Diaspora Council,

~ "While a subsequent posting of the Vote Tallying Committee makes clear that the voting took place paragraph by paragraph and the first two paragraphs passed without dissent, nevertheless the Resolution itself insinuates that the whole resolution passed unanimously (without dissent). The customary procedure for indicating unanimous consent to a resolution is to state this after the text of the unanimous and then it is too late to change the voted text to include this fact.

~ "The second paragraph continues in what has become standard soviet-speak for the ROCOR when it expresses resoluteness to heal the wounds of division within the Russian Church—between her parts in the Fatherland and abroad, referring to the MP as the part in the Fatherland. Had they left the clause after the hyphen out, it would have reflected the traditional stand of the ROCOR through the first seventy years of Her existence. But beginning in the 1990's and especially after the October, 2000 Sobor, the conscious attempt to redefine Stalin's creation of the Moscow Patriarchate as the Russian Church in Russia became ubiquitous.

~ "The opponents to soviet submission place great hope on the next sentence, 'Our Paschal joy is joined by the great hope that in the appropriate time, the unity of the Russian Church will be restored upon the foundation of the Truth of Christ, opening for us the possibility to serve together and to commune from one Chalice.' Unfortunately, the pro-soviet bishops and leaders of the ROCOR have defined in the appropriate time to be now. Furthermore, the IV Council members just agreed unconditionally to establish communion from one Chalice with the soviet church. Long gone are the historical conditions and requirements made by previous Councils of Bishops of the ROCOR.

~ "The opponents of soviet submission also appear quite pleased that the Resolution states, 'it is necessary to confirm the canonical status of the Russian Church Abroad for the future as a self-governing part of the Local Russian Church, in accordance with the Regulations of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia currently in force.' Unfortunately, they appear not to have read the Regulations of the ROCOR currently in force. These state in the first paragraph, “The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad is an indissoluble part of the Russian Orthodox Church, and for the time until the extermination in Russia of the atheist government, is self-governing on conciliar principles in accordance with the Resolution of the Patriarch, the Most Holy Synod, and the Highest Church Council of the Russian Church dated 7/20 November, 1920, No. 362.” Not only have the pro-soviet leaders of the ROCOR redefined the meaning in this paragraph of the Russian Orthodox Church to mean the Moscow Patriarchate, but they have already declared for many years now the “extermination in Russia of the atheist government.” Thus, the Regulations currently in force not only permit, but now require the submission of the ROCOR to the MP.

~ "The fourth paragraph restates once again the redefinition of the Russian Orthodox Church as the 'Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate,' thereby further reinforcing the meaning in paragraph two of her parts in the Fatherland and abroad, and in deed throughout the whole document. Then, the paragraph contains the classic soviet and ecumenispeak phrase, it is apparent that the participation of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in the World Council of Churches evokes confusion among our clergy and flock.

~ "There is no confusion evoked among the Orthodox about participation in the World Council of Churches. There is only confusion among those who attempt to justify it as being Orthodox. The plea following this statement, With heartfelt pain we ask the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate to heed the plea of our flock to expediently remove this temptation is unworthy of an Orthodox declaration. It is the plea of the slave begging the master to stop his abuse, and it already has received from the soviet church the contempt it deserves. The proposed union yokes unequal parties. It is a well known axiom of world power politics that the greater and stronger devour the smaller and weaker. The ROCOR in its pell mell drive to submit to the soviets has embraced this worldly spirit. It can expect the soviets now to concede nothing, since the ROCOR's committee on union already conceded every historical condition to the MP.

~ "The fifth paragraph proclaims total submission to the soviet church and desire for union. It states, 'We hope that the forthcoming Local Council of One Russian Church will settle remaining unresolved church problems.' Aside from admitting the negotiations over the last six years yielded little for the ROCOR, this astounding paragraph yearns for precisely what the objectors claim cannot be. The only way there can be a Local Council of One Russian Church is for the ROCOR to cease to exist.

~ "No doubt, the authors of this statement remember that the ROCOR traditionally called for the judgment of a future All-Russian Council to sort out the mess of the soviet era and justify the righteous and condemn the unrighteous. But the Council called for in this statement will be different, for there will be no condemnation of the soviets, and since the ROCOR has already submitted, what is there left to sort out? Except perhaps how to dismember the rump ROCOR, which the soviet masters promised them? Perhaps the ROCOR would have done well to look at the experience of the OCA, which the MP promised to give the patriarchal churches at autocephaly. The MP now has more churches in North America, organized into a diocese, than it did in 1970. As for those who think this Council is far in the future, forthcoming should tell them it is already upon them.

~ "The sixth paragraph contains one of the most flagrant falsehoods in the document. It states the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia were “glorified both by the Russian Church Abroad and by the Russian Church in the Fatherland,” which is untrue. Certainly, the MP, now explicitly identified as 'the Russian Church in the Fatherland' glorified selected New Martyrs, but they rejected glorifying those who fought sergianism (particularly St. Joseph of Petersburg) and insisted on glorifying sergianist martyrs as if they were exactly the same as those who opposed the soviets.

~ "To equate these glorifications is to deny the ROCOR's glorification in 1981, which of course the soviet church rejects, if they mention it at all. This statement also, finally and completely, sweeps away any memory of the Catacomb Church in Russia, before whose struggles the ROCOR as late as the time of Metropolitan Vitaly proclaimed to bow down. Nor does it acknowledge the existence of the other Russian Orthodox hierarchies opposed to the MP undergoing persecution to this day. If indeed there is an “abyss of the lethal division in the Russian Church, this Resolution and the submission of the ROCOR to the soviets will do little to heal it.

~ "The last paragraph concludes in typical soviet fashion, for we now learn of the renascent Homeland in Russia. First, what of the non-Russians for whom the ROCOR has provided a spiritual home? Russia is not their Homeland, any more than it is for third and fourth generation descendants of the Russians who fled the communists. This is reminiscent of Patriarch Alexey I demanding an oath of allegiance to the Soviet State from the clergy of the North American Metropolia in 1947, which they refused. Will the ROCOR be so bold? Or perhaps, Russianness is now more important than Orthodoxy, as Patriarch Alexey II warned when he stated that the ROCOR is losing its Russianness and its opportunity to submit.

~ "Furthermore, if there was any question about the intent to remove the condition in the Regulations of the ROCOR for self-governance until the extermination in Russia of the atheist government, this phrase can leave no doubt that the time is now. Indeed, having proclaimed the rebirth (renascence) of [Holy] Russia, the ROCOR has abrogated its own basis. To remain separate now, under this thinking, is to be schismatic from the Mother Church. And in fact, this is precisely what the MP has said of the ROCOR all along. Following this line of reasoning, one must ask why the ROCOR didn't unite after World War II? That is when it became possible to resume contact with the MP in Moscow. This is the underlying condition of Ukaz No. 362. Even the most ardent pro-soviet adherents of the ROCOR can't agree with this thought. To do so, they must proclaim themselves graceless schismatics. Which of course, they proclaim those who disagree with and break from them.

~ "Anyone hoping that the ROCOR will remain true to Her historic mission must lament the IVth All-Diaspora Council buried even the memory of that mission. This Resolution points the new face of the ROCOR forward into the maw of the soviet church against which She stood for decades."

Archpriest Joseph Sunderland
Sunday of the Paralytic
1/14 May 2006
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