On Anti-Semitism


From a sermon delivered by Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitzky) of the Russian Orthodox Church,  in April 1903 following an anti-Jewish pogrom in Kishenev.

(Later Metropolitan Anthony headed in exile the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia)

“...  The cruel murderers of Kishenev  have dared to challenge Divine Providence and have become the torturers of the people beloved by God....

The Jewish people even after their rejection (of Christ) are dear to the Spirit of God, and anyone who offends them, angers the Lord.   ....Pray that the Lord reveal Himself to them, but do not be an enemy to them.  Instead, harken  to the words of the Apostles about the branches of the People of Israel who have broken away from the roots of Christ.  Christians! Fear to offend  the Tribes even that have turned away.  The terrible punishment of God awaits the evil doers who dare to spill the blood related by kinship to the God-Man, His All Pure Mother, the Apostles and Prophets.  It was never said that this blood is sacred only in the past, but know that even in the future they will achieve communion with the spirit of God (2 Peter 1,4).  Of no other people ---not of Russians and not of Greeks---  has it been said that all their descendents will in their own time save themselves, but of the Jews it is so said.  Know all of you ---who do not want to understand the words about the promises God made to Israel, of the salvation that awaits all its people--- that God will not forgive the enemies of His People even after their rejection (of Christ)”

St. Vladimir ‘s Theological Quarterly
ISSN0036-3227  Vol. 35  Number 1 (1991)     pp.21/31