NEW ZION IN BABYLON by Vladimir Moss
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The Orthodox Church in the Twentieth Century
Vladimir Moss
Copyright: Vladimir Moss, 2008

Table of Contents

Part 1

Tsar Nicholas II and the Collective Antichrist
The Origins of the Antichrist: (1) Communism
The Origins of the Antichrist: (2) Ecumenism
Nationalism and Regicide in the Balkans
The Orthodox Churches and “Proto-Ecumenism”
The Reform Movement in Russia
The Church and the Intelligentsia: (1) Tolstoyism
The Church and the Intelligentsia: (2) Monasticism
The Church and the Intelligentsia: (3) The New Theology
The Sarov Days
The Russo-Japanese War
Bloody Sunday
Pobedonostsev’s Last Stand
The April Decree and the October Manifesto
The Church and the Jews
The Pre-Conciliar Convention
Turmoil in the Western Borderlands
Georgian Autocephaly
The Beilis Trial
The Struggle against Rasputin
The Name- Worshipping Heresy
The Balkan Wars
The War and the Revolution
The Plot
The Abdication of the Tsar
Three Visions of 1917

Part 2

The New Synod
Two Cretans: (1) Eleutherius Venizelos
Two Cretans: (2) Meletius Metaxakis
The Moscow Council of 1917-18
The Murder of the Tsar
Reactions to the Murder
The Church in Georgia
The Church in Bessarabia
The Church in the Ukraine
The Russian Civil War
The Second Greek Revolution
The Russian Church in Exile
Émigré Councils
The Asia Minor Catastrophe
Metaxakis as Patriarch
Secret Agents in Cassocks
The Requisitioning of Church Valuables
The Renovationist Coup
Metropolitan Benjamin of Petrograd
The Renovationist Council of 1923.
The Greek Churches and the New Calendar
The Significance of the Calendar Change
The Release of Patriarch Tikhon
The Russian Church and the New Calendar
The Romanian Church and the New Calendar
The Fall of Renovationism

Part 3

The Repose of Patriarch Tikhon
Metropolitan Peter of Krutitsa
The Miracle of the Cross in the Sky
The Struggle on Mount Athos.
The Struggle on Valaam
The Albanian Orthodox Church
The Rise of Metropolitan Sergius
“The Dogma of Redemption
The Eulogian Schism
The Church Decentralised
The Fall of Metropolitan Sergius
The Sacred Struggle in Greece .
The Sacred Struggle in Romania
The Birth of the Catacomb Church
The Catacomb Council of 1928
The Martyrdom of the Catacomb Church
ROCOR and Metropolitan Sergius
Archbishop Andrew and the Old Ritualists
Not Bowing the Knee to Baal
The Return of the Three Bishops
Persecution in Romania
The Vatican and Russia
Three Holy Hieromartyrs
Divisions among the Greek Old Calendarists
ROCOR’s Second All-Diaspora Council
The Serbs and the Concordat .
Secret Catacomb Councils
Archbishop Theophan of Poltava
ROCOR in Germany
The Cost of Sergianism
The Russian Borderlands

Part 4

The Genocide of the Serbian Orthodox
Orthodoxy and Paganism in Manchuria
German-Occupied Russia
The Pskov Mission and the Catacomb Church
The Church in Belorussia and Ukraine
ROCOR and the Germans
The Stalin-Sergius Pact
The Consequences of the Pact
The False Moscow Council of 1945
The Tragedy of the Vlasovites
ROCOR moves to America.
The Greek Church during the War
The Soviet Offensive: (1) Inside the USSR
The Soviet Offensive: (2) Outside the USSR
Archbishop John of Shanghai
The Post-War Serbian Church
Other East European Churches
More Soviet Councils.
The World Council of Churches
Divisions in the Greek Church
The New Calendarist Offensive
The True Orthodox Church of Cyprus
The Cult of Stalin
ROCOR at the Crossroads
Patriarch Athenagoras of Constantinople
The Communists Become Ecumenists
The Khruschev Persecution
The Passportless Movement
The Florinites Acquire a Hierarchy
The Romanians Acquire a Hierarchy
Another Romanian Hierarchy
Showdown in San Francisco

Part 5

A New ROCOR Metropolitan
The Lifting of the Anathemas
The Sorrowful Epistles
The Fall of the Serbian and Bulgarian Churches
“The Heresy of Heresies”
Moscow and the Metropolia
The Theology of Peace
The Councils of 1971
The ROCOR – Greek Old Calendarist Union
New Confessor Helen of Chin
Greek Zealots and Ecumenists
The Third All-Emigration Council
The Fall of Dissent
The Georgian Church
Archbishop Mark of Berlin
Super-Ecumenism (1)
The Anathema against Ecumenism
The Disintegration of the Florinite Synod
The Italian and Portuguese Churches
The Union of 1985 and the Tsakos Affair
A New Florinite Archbishop
The Ecclesiology of Metropolitan Cyprian
Boston Separates
Super-Ecumenism (2)
ROCOR and the Catacombs .
Glasnost’ and Perestroika

Part 6

PART 6. THE FALL OF COMMUNISM? (1990 – 2000)
Liberation or Deception?
KGB Agents in Cassocks
The MP in the 1990s
Ecumania: From Chambésy to Balamand
ROCOR’s Mission Inside Russia
ROCOR and Other Catacomb Groups
Bishop Valentine of Suzdal
The First Schism
The Third Way?
Orthodoxy in Africa
The Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church
The Florinites Divide Again
Other True Orthodox Churches
The Serbian Wars
The Sergianist Conquest of Jerusalem
The Witness of St. Philaret
ROCOR and the Serbs
On the Eve of the Millenium
The Evil Empire Strikes Back
The MP’s “Jubilee” Council
“The Second October Revolution”